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100 tickets to season ticket holders. Games on Tuesday and Wednesday against the Hawks. I'm Kevin Powell, WGN Sports and now the WGN forecast, going to be mostly sunny and breezy for the rest of today. Look for highs in the upper thirties but win Jill saying in the upper twenties. Partly cloudy tonight as a cold front moves to the region. We have the potential to be from flurries and prospects of snow showers, lowest fall into the mid teens. Will become mostly sunny again here for Friday highs in the mid twenties, then increasing cons on Saturn with highs in the upper twenties. A chance for some show arrives here Saturday night and continues into Sunday, especially in the morning hours could see some minor accumulations under mostly carnies guys look for highs in the lower 30 will be mostly cardigan on Monday, There's a chance for a wintry mix around with breezy conditions and hides once more in the lower thirties from the WGN Weather Center. I'm a urologist. My chances. Your money on WGN stocks are drifting on Wall Street hovering near their record highs. Insured travelers jumped after reporting a stronger than expected profit as most companies have been doing so far in the earning season. United Airlines fell after reporting a worst loss than expected. Economic reports were mixed, including one showing 900,000 workers applied for unemployment benefits last week. Right now, the Dow was up 12 points at 31,200. NASDAQ Up 66 points at 5 13,023. The S and P. 500 is up three points at 38 55. I'm Lauren Lap on Chicago's very own 7, 20, w G and And you even get one. We'll talk about that. Well, Chicago teachers strike Should they several points of view coming up on the show on that very issue. And where a Where can I get a pair of those Bernie Mittens? Anybody? No. Coming up on the show..

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