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Essentially that's what they're saying right they telling these folks you need to pay your building leave pay your bill and leave why am i paying for something that i don't understand and possibly and being charged for something that i didn't get like if you charged me for two all star or grand slam breakfast whatever they may be grand slams danny's isn't it oh it's allstar allstar break breaks off while if you trust me for two all stars and only order one why don't you just say that instead of calling the police now on the video young lady goes in and says now can you explain you've read they've arrested my boyfriend now can you explain the bill to me so that i can pay you right because i can't pay you what i oh you if you don't tell me why you this amount of money which i don't think is equal to what we ordered the lady the house is i can't talk to you into last week to the police officer she says okay lady goes back outside talk to police officer so tom the ladies i just say that she can't talk to me about the bill until she talks to you this hyper aggressive police officer who had already put on tasers her boyfriend for no reason as he was standing there unarmed without a shirt on with this arms in the air had his hands in air letting them know he wouldn't be in the threat just saying i wanna talk to later but i don't have to calm down right now is specially when she called the police on me asking for customer service.

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