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Nature. If you're talking about your favorite sports team you're a yankees fan and they're dodgers fan. What are you trying to do. You're trying to convince them to see your point of view. And that's what communication is so using the techniques which will go over and over the course of the weeks using the techniques. The techniques aren't manipulative. It's why you're using them that makes manipulative or not or yes. So is it. They hand you a scalpel with a scalpel. If your murderer you can kill someone. if you're a surgeon you can save someone. It's the same tool. It's the intent of what you're using it for and my thing is my intent with these are to make sure people do what's in their best interest never within my best interests because that's not my thing and as we as we get more into this jackson realize like oh wait. That makes more sense because this isn't you manipulate yourself. Don't manipulate other people manipulate yourself manipulate other people. So in essence. Nlp is how to use the minds own language to consistently achieve the desired outcome. Nlp is an overlaying of anything you do. Nlp can be on it to make you more successful at than that's really what it is. It's not like this this. this is that way. It has taken the model taking the attitude taking the beliefs taking techniques. It doesn't matter if your therapist. I've taught nlp the therapists. It doesn't matter if you're dentist told him to dentists and it doesn't matter if you're a salesperson it's taking the model and putting it onto what you do now so that's really the core of nlp so the attitude methodology and techniques. The attitude is more important than a methodology. The methodology is more important than than than the techniques. if you don't have the attitude methodology the techniques. Don't don't do anything at all. They they really don't so this house. Nlp work with personality types. Nlp has nothing to do with personality. Types zero nothing to do with this In advance at alpay called meta programming. There is some of the myers briggs personality profiling but we're not concerned in nlp. What the person's personality is a profile is on more concerned with how you think what you think and how you make decisions this thing about how much easier life would be if you understood a person especially in sales. If you understood the person's decision making process on how they decide to say yes to you or how they decide to say yes to anything. If you actually understood the process they go through and then explain what you do in the same exact process.

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