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Won't either. My come on over to my house and Franklin Lakes will help chair knows what everybody who Everybody's got to know that so in comes and I did this. The cameo only gives you I didn't know I've never done a cameo. So I was trying to write like a lengthy script for Simms. But they give you a tight window. They don't want you to, like, Go on and on and on. You got to hit this. You've got to hit that so all I could say was Molly loves everything about Big Blue. I said, especially rushing Luv actually actually said he graduated Mountain Lakes I in 1986 the height of big blue glory. That's well, But what you need to know Phil is that he loves especially loved crushing the 40 Niners. So if you watch the video halfway through when he transitions of the 19 he kind of gets pumped, he kind of goes. Oh, man, This is something I really got. Kind of puts his arms out like and I got to say I really got to thank you. Because you what does he say? Cups if you can find the middle of it, but some of the things you loved, or some of things our law, we beat the 40 Niners. Yes. You know, he's we talked about this in the analysis. This gets him off the 49 3 get maybe more than the Super Bowl. Right? Maybe more than the Super Bowl like you don't like I've noticed over the years like getting a look getting to know Ronnie Lott. For example. Like a lot of times, you meet these great great players like Hall of Fame, guys and Murph. Like you find they really don't want to talk about their accomplishments. Like they just don't like to go there for whatever the reason may be. It's just not a good look. Dude. Simms runs towards it. Let me tell you all about that one. I'll never forget. Apparently, you want Sims is happy to talk like you got more games. You already discussed with total about money. How about that? Monday night? Or in 86? We'll talk about it. Yeah. I got to say he is. Hey, is something else, man? Manuel, Yacht bless. Oh, folly. We couldn't get your friend Pepe. A. We couldn't get your bobs. We got your Bill Simms. I'll never forget this. It's ah people. Phil Simms here. People know 6 20 reaction was I mean, we're now kind of exhausted from laughing at my order. Now, I wouldn't mind here cause I literally lost my ass on the original. Well, it's down in the Murph in Mackey's for sure. OK, good. Good man. One more cooler content. Before you got to get out of here. We got Dee had coming up badge early, too. Okay. We'll go from like his were exhausted from laughing. We're kind of running out. Why don't we bring it back to like something very heartfelt collie, I found I found Today. Four. Yeah, of our big Jack Charlton Appreciation. Good good. A four dude for brother is now released back to Ireland and second captains has reached out to me asking, they want to play the sound of our appreciation of Charlton on the Dublin airwaves. Todd silly. I hope it's like lives up. I don't know if it's worth it for that. I told them I mean, because what it's been is like we're doing Jack Charlton. 101 because you're coming at me with no knowledge, so none they might find it too rudimentary. You know Ryan's spot you got like, minutes. Tint bystander now who totally got sucked into the methodical we've talked about, you know the sadness of his passing. We talked about what he meant to Ireland palling I swept up in in in the song. We're all part of Jackie's Army. Totally. He got swept up in what can happen when a sporting event completely overwhelms the nation? Yeah, the fact that he was English and did this for the Irish The tribute that second captains has put out to him with the piano playing underneath him, saying he considers himself as Irish as he does English. That might have been my favorite clip you sent so far because they show ah lot of different people reacting during the game in that one guy like the one minute mark, the bald guy just trying to get Yeah, like I just really wrecked. One of my Irish buddies wrote It had a great lies in one of the Irish sports Writers. Best lines was so it's called Italian 90 because that's where the World Cup is being played that year. So it's And this Irish sports writer who was covering the team in Italy. He had a great line, he said. He said it turns out I missed Italian 90 because I was in Italy. You know what I mean? Yeah, the the really party was in Ireland like it was like that with a nation. Was overwhelmed now to speak to Charlton's character. He had a brother named Bobby Charlton, who copes knew all about. It is one of the greatest footballers in English history. Manchester United legends Sir Bobby Charlton and they were best pals. Growing up. They shared a bed in a dirt poor northern England town. They both made it to the English Premier League. It's like making it to the show. They loved each other. They were on the 1966 World Cup winning team together, and then they had a falling out based on the wives. Tuffy off that is late in life, though Bobby Charlton was getting honored by BBC. And they do who showed up out of nowhere, Dude, Big Jack showed up. Yeah, and he made a speech that said people were weeping in both nations. And at the end, this is the last 10 seconds of the speech. You have to imagine his brother now is is trying to hold it together. And this is them late in life. Shortly before Jack dies Jack Charlton Honoring his brother. OK, we were kids. We used to go with the parking place. I would go home for dinner and he'd stay on.

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