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A household tasks so the researchers say quote see inp can have a devastating impact on patients and may limit chemotherapy doses with potentially serious consequences these findings are very exciting suggests that melatonin could prevent the inp by protecting nerve cell might oh kandari ah all right study was published major medical journal and hopefully the the drug in question was taxol a taxol was medication that was that melatonin was tested against it have prevented neuropathy so very cool information of need these kind of quality studies that we need in integrative oncology all right so let me share the sided with you because uh frequently by cancer patients of by chronic fatigue patients my patients with the fibromyalgia which will talk about just a few moments suffer from extreme fatigue and i wanna share with you some information about the only personal formula that's clinically proven to reduce fatigue whatever the 'cause it's empty factor from nutritional therapeutics a you've heard me talk about it i take it personally have been talking about it for years clinical trials have shown empty factor reduces fatigue by almost half its available pro packs which is a once stop shop for your vitamin mineral needs with antioxidants som omega3s all combined to help you feel better but while ago suggested traditional therapeutics that some people may just want to keep their.

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