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I think that's gonna be how they look at it more of not if he needs to shawn watson because i mean in his mind he's probably thinking about the the crazy things he can do just with watson's athleticism alone but as far as what was the scheme question again while scheme question. I'm going to get to that in a second. 'cause you said something that makes me think you can't hope is not a plan kyle. You can't go into the season. Just hoping that jimmy garoppolo comes back and play sixteen games whether they get watson or not. You just can't go into this season saying well. Hopefully jimmy will be healthy for sixteen more games and do nothing else. A quarterback do not disagree with one word. You just said. I would imagine there would be some type of backup added if that was the case but again kyle also said. We're not going to invest in multiple court like multiple quarterbacks that position because he just need to start her so that argument is fair and that argument is also going to be the reason i imagine if they do move on from jimmy that that happens because we have evidence of him not being able to stay on the field so if you cannot sound field and you are being paid. Twenty seven million. It doesn't matter who you're backup quarterback is. You're hurting the team. Because you're not on the field so whether it's course no injuries of the players fault but they have to look at it from a team building standpoint and if their team is not the best they're going to need jimmy just jimmy. Jimmy has sailed. That's what has happened. There's no reason for this level of loyalty. It's not like when he's healthy. His play is incredible. And so you were willing to stick it out. Like ben rothlisberger used to be back in the day. You'll get banged up and miss some games. But he was so freaking. Good that you're going to stick with it. That has not been jimmy garoppolo. You earn passed up tom. Brady for jimmy. Garoppolo and brady threw forty touchdowns this year which not many people do in the history of the nfl time. It's ever happened something like that. So you've already passed up brady one upgrade for him. Now you're gonna potentially pass up. I don't wanna say to shawn watson. 'cause it's not likely but anything else that they would do and keep jimmy again. Like how many years can you afford to do this. it is. it's all hope because again it goes back to what we know. What he's we know what he is as a quarterback and if he's going to start in two thousand twenty one it's because there is hope and they're they're just looking at this as a result space and they're not going through the process because if we do the process when we're showing these were watching the gang's back on tuesday whether it's this year whether it's last year people forget there were plenty of turnovers and bad plays at jimmy made in the game so they would win these games but that should not distract us from the process of what actually happened in those gains. And that's not just the playoffs where they took the ball out of his hands. That's in the regular season. Yes he came back and had good numbers after he turned the ball over. But you you'd want a quarterback that doesn't have to get there and there's there's so many there's that one stat wear jimmy's numbers through after an interception. Okay that's why are we. Why are we rewarding him for a mistake. That's not how it works. So i think that's why lean you know whether it stafford whether it's a quarterback because you can get his production for cheaper and if you're going to pay quarterback that much the production needs to be better and doesn't need we. Don't we're looking at box scores and bottom lines instead of the process. And that's that's why we're having the same discourse over and over so when it comes to watson let's say that the planets aligned and you know the clouds parted and somehow john lynch and caution and pull off the deal and they get to shawn watson. How well does he fit in. Kyle system quarterback in the nfl to fit cal. Shanahan system shawn watson going to be probably number one or number two so you want a guy that can move the safety with his eyes move. Linebackers his is. I think this year. More than more than i've ever seen him. Because i as i mentioned. He's one of my favorite player. So i go out of my way to watch the shawn watson this year more than ever. I've seen him be able to manipulate. What defense is due. And you hear people talk about reference their office of line. He makes their offense of live better than it is. And it's already not a very good office line so without him he he runs out of pressures. He avoids sacks one of the biggest things. This year is unblocked defenders. Because the fences are doing whether simulated pressures whether it's sending six when you have five you have to have a quarterback that can either get rid of the ball hot or avoid an unblocked defender and watson is like video game winner. There's an unblocked because he's just going to make the miss also this year. I think there was four times more rushing touchdowns by quarterbacks than any other year in the nfl. have shawn watson. now you have your goal line. You're short yard situation. So you in high leverage situations you now have an eleven th man that the defense has to account for so when you factor in what shanahan can add to his offense and that goes without his depot accuracy or being able to even attempt or give guys chance that man. I would say that this shawn watson the odds of him being the mvp within the next two years with college shannon. I mean those are bets. You make because it's going to happen so ceiling everything you make your defense better you make. You're running game better because now Teams can't sit in to high safeties. They have to bring in one because after just respect everything that.

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