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Cole Hamels right on the bus he goes up to Bryce yes and says look harp I didn't feel cold hits you from Cole Hamels Bryce Harper in the back he beat him on purpose right when he came in today I mean I can't be a Charlie Manuel impression I can't do impressions the guy would all come on our man on Intel on the pretty good shows six PM to ten PM on sports radio ninety four for twenty twenty sports brought to you by window nation but it back towards Alaska's has got it fires a rocket the third for the out the throw to first is what a play by principle ask is to start the one five three double play Scott France he with the call your ninety four W. I. P. is Vince Velasquez turned in a terrific performance in the Philly seven three one of the Diamondbacks through seven innings of two run ball Phil's got a home run from Scott Kingery para runs from Jean Segura fills are tied with the nationals for the wildcard lead but don't look now the Mets just two and a half games off a wild card spot after sweeping the Marlins in a double header Monday Mets or fifty seven fifty six eagles continue training camp in over here complex as they are just a couple days away from their first preseason game Thursday night at the link against the Titans it's window nations anniversary sales of it sixty percent off any style window plus get zero percent interest for sixty months this is a limited time offer call eight six six ninety nation now or visit window nation dot com CBS three eyewitness weather partly cloudy scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms possible IT seven it's currently seventy four to stream ninety four W. I. P. get our podcast and all the latest stories in Philadelphia sports go to the all new ninety four W. I. T. dot com twenty four X. four W. why it's six forty six right now lazy gentle but on top of the hour I know it's hard to find somebody that would be classified this way but we have one here W. I. D. he is a you Gabe Kapler and does the S. all right and his name is Joe dearly yes enjoy all combined he did the mid day show yes Alan fended off many of pack dizzy.

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