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To ten. KFI AM six forty more stimulating talk. It's morning. I'm Jennifer Jones Lee the stories we're watching in the KFI twenty four hour newsroom. Senators have scheduled public testimony for supreme court nominee Brett, Kevin Kavanagh and the woman accusing him of sexual assault. A confirmation vote has been postponed after until after that hearing on Monday and Julie Chen who is married to former CBS CEO less moonville looks like she's leaving the network's daytime talk show. The talk Chen's been off the toxins last week after her husband resigned over sexual misconduct claims CNN reports ten will announce her exit today with a videotaped message on the talk Chen is also a co host on the CBS show big brother, which ends it's season next week. We're just minutes away from handle on the news. But right now, we say good morning to ABC's. Jim Ryan who is still in Wilmington, North Carolina. Jim anything better than when we talked to you yesterday. It sounded like you guys were still on a virtual island. It seems as though some of the roads would be cleared away. The water is subsiding somewhat and that should make it easier to get supplies. Evil out still though, those who evacuated from this year, you are being urged not to come back. Just yet. There are still plenty of risks industry. They lots of debris and lots of power outage. You probably hear the rumble of the generative is how most people are getting like Christie in this community. There are crews out working trying to restore power still out for vast stretches of this area. We're talking about airlifting food and water ended. They have to do that for some people. Well, they haven't some of the remote areas of the state those rural areas that are kind of cut off at this point by the rising waters, finish there'd be rivers aren't going to subside. They're not gonna receive anytime soon because you've got one off. Now, the rain continued after the storm moves inland as a tropical depression is still dumping huge amounts of rain yesterday. That's running off into the streets. The streams and creeks and then into the rivers. So the rivers aren't going to crest for another day or two in some cases. Somebody at the national weather service looked at radar. They put pencil to paper, and they figured out that more than eight trillion. Gallons of water fell on North Carolina alone last Thursday when the storm is approaching until last night when the rain finally moved out, you can't even fathom that. Okay. So now what about the the death toll overall? I had heard it at thirty two as of earlier this morning is that still the case. Yes, that's that's still. Some of those fatalities are likely to be added in later today. Some people who are not yet confirmed as being the direct result of the storm other people, unfortunately, as they get out they they start repairing their property star, electrocution hazards, there are all sorts of issues, car rights and different things associated with it. So unfortunately, thirty to thirty four might not be more sloughed off. Okay. And as far as the people who were evacuated from their homes, if these rivers aren't gonna crest for another forty eight hours or something like that. I used to them that they're being told you still can't come. Home. You've got to stay away. Yeah. Exactly. A Wilmington may not be in such danger. But it became through weather river slows to the west side of this community. But it goes up north bench. And those northern stretches of the river are the ones that are looking at the extreme flooding risk and people are being told that much either you stay on the east side of the river on the west side of the river. Big you better choose aside now because once the river crest, you're not going to be able to get to the other side. All right, Jim, thank you so much. I appreciate the update. So scary this KFI K O S T HD two Los Angeles in this morning. If you've ever had a neighbor who had a pesky dog who kept coming into your guard and left you a little present. We've all had that dog. Anyway, there's a woman who decided to get a little bit of revenge to the point of she took the dog poop that was on her lawn. Picked it up in a bag. She just got fed up with the neighbor's dog doing it on her lawn over and over again took the bag filled with. Dogs little gift and were rubbed. It all over her neighbor's doorknob and says she is not this is one of those hashtag sorry. Not sorry moments. Disturbing act of revenge is caught on camera in Michigan where a woman smeared dog faces on her neighbors front door. That's after Brendan Mullin says her neighbors dogs kept going in her yard. But the dog's owner says Mullins never even mentioned the problem to them. Instead, she took matters into our own hands. And she isn't denying it either saying after seeing the dogs in her yard again, it was the last straw. Listen to this woman that I took it on her Donau. You didn't want to clean it up. Here. You're clean up there. I don't want to be eventually. But. And if you wanna see more of the video it's on handles page kfiam640.com, keyword handle. It's traffic.

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