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Me. That was a good job. fox assuming fox's airing the game. They should just play the benny hill music. Whenever the lions are on the field and it's a shame because that interior is so good. And i think the going to be so bad in week one. I do games. Laugh what you want. Let's go chargers. Football team okay. Very simple the charges are gonna lose an nfl. Media's gonna panic come on. Everybody chargers hype through the roof. Brandon staley defensive savant. Joe lombardi round to justine herbert. The mvp darkhorse o. J.'s back be sick. Washington has a really really good defense. They're going to be able to to stymie a second year quarterback being able to lock up even good receivers of the chargers have and then that ryan fitzpatrick led offense. I think is just going to be jumped. Bali enough right. Diani brown terry mclaren where to take our quick vertical shots that they're gonna be able to beat some teams is right now pick them. I think washington wins the game and come on. If the chargers star owed one against the washington football team the amount of backtracking and just terror induced take escapism. Beautiful isolated charges be good. But what if they lose at everybody panics. It's a likely shot that they do lose. Honestly when you have the lonsdale banged up. They're probably going to end up. Starting a backup right. Tackle you look awesome. Equis out the game Presumably at this point hasn't practiced all week. So i mean like you said washington. Good like i won't be shocked at all if the charges ended the blues. This especially on the road like it's a good defense. You had me until ryan fitzpatrick now. Steve is on. Wow he's he's fun in like small doses and we've gotten a lot of doses fits over there like it's enough enough fitzpatrick. He's run at scores as someone who picked the charges to the playoffs and pick derwin james to win a comeback player. They are defensive player. That you're actually in britain celia too when coach. Your how dare you. Yeah it was okay so the it will be your panic that i'm enjoying when i'm watching the los angeles. You don't even have to watch the game though you could just see that elsewhere. You can just go on twitter. Go on the internet and find that so now. I'm not watching this game bats. Actually that's pretty tightly tied closely to my reason for the last game. Which is ravens raiders on monday night. Which virtually you're all watching ineffable game anyway sake. I don't have to come up with the reason for this. But the ravens week one are. Like unstoppable right. John harbaugh is ten and three against the spread. The rams are currently four point favorites even after the running back injuries Harveson and three against the spread with these two games with lamar. They've won ninety seven to sixteen in a combined. Total score right. They beat up on the dolphins. A beat obama browns morris a perfect passer rating in both games. The raiders passing defense by. Dvd was like twenty th last year. The ravens are absolutely one hundred percent going to win this game. I have no doubt in my mind that they win. It don't even care about the injuries which means the espn broadcast which will be extremely oriented on. Jon gruden sideline shots. Because jon gruden used to be on the broadcast is going to get just a core gis fourth quarter shot of jon. Gruden scowling at derek carr. After failed fourth quarter drive they trudge off the field and they lose the game like you know whatever like thirty three to twenty or something like that. And you should watch raiders ravens on monday night just for the opportunity to get that shot of jong rooted and get it up on twitter before anybody else. So you can get the re tweets and likes and the dopamine. That's my reason to watch. Monday night football. I am watching this game. i'm with you. i'm with the. i'd like to see jon gruden squirm. So yes. I would enjoy that and also liked. I think kaylin might be starting running back for the ravens so we all have to watch bryce been no. I think that running game will be like okay. Yeah it's just you never want to enter the season and be what injury away from total panic. And i think that's where they've got to be at this point. Let's say you put. Ben rothlisberger ravens running back with lamar jackson. Still doing to mike. This is too many yards per carry. Does ben rothlisberger. Average with defense is focused on the mark. Is it three point. Is it higher than it. Three point. stop brother. That will give the first. Nfl friday show here on the nfl. Feed we do appreciate you guys. Swinging by stephen will be back on sunday with having a nora that will be the regular occurring. Nfl week recap reaction. Show sunday night into monday morning. This'll be the regularly occurring. Nfl preview. show on friday. And of course in the middle we have kevin's deep dive into one. Nfl topic we have Nora and mallory. On thursdays going through a particular person who matters for the weekend for the scope of the league. All of those podcasts on the ring. Nfl feed make sure you're subscribe then. Of course find are written. Nfl content on the ringer dot com. We'd like to thank you. Production assistant isaiah blakely and additional production supervision from arjuna rampal backs. You next friday. Here thank you so much..

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