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Serum variation those same on the captain america and the treatment gives her you know not just enhanced strength but it allows you to like opera uh-huh peak level conditions so her stamina is also at a peak level which means she can fight at a high level for a long long period of time <hes> her immune system has also oh been enhanced which means she's barely age over the years marriage was born in nineteen twenty eight right and she's now <hes> got enhanced durability. She's got accelerated. Healing healing healing <hes> she's jillette durability is enabled her to survive direct blast from doctor doom. She's been able to fall from great heights and take on wounds types and walk away from them and here's a cool one. The white blood cells in our body are now enhanced. This is kind of an official marvel thing so she can fight off any microbe foreign body ready or poisons in her body and that also gives her the benefit of keeping <hes> you know healthy immune to almost any type of infection disease gases disorders anything foreign that comes in her system. She's good to go finally just like steve rogers. Black widow possesses the ability to quickly ever talked about it. She can process information much much faster than a regular human being which which means she's almost felt like a biological tactical computer in her mind that enables her to kind of see a direction goes something else implied came in. She is a living breathing tactical genius that can operate in think at a much higher level than the average human being reminded very intelligent human being <hes> so with all her enhancements super soldiers here or training remember. Her training was from russia sure right hardcore. Try to try to take down the united states. I really think comes fiscal staff and finding ability black widow also is vastly superior to <hes> harlequin. She's a great character. No doubt i do have a few rebuttal points unless you have something you'd like to ask. I don't please jump right yeah. I would love to henry derived. You know happens. It is the ratio welcome ladies and gentlemen but go ahead and it's always been the ratio. Would i would say a first off. She got that great. Russian training didn't help them in the cold war and he did it. He saw the berlin wall fell in nineteen eighty nine. She didn't do anything about that. Training is not as good as you're trying to pretend that it is. I'm trying to say right there the other thing. Is you know you bring up the super soldier sir. Is that exactly. Don't let's not conflict with captain america because captain america would defeat her constantly over and over again. I think so except i may show some evidence the contras that's fine. I have my own examples later. As well of some great fights that you wouldn't think harley quinn would win but she did because i think again i think these two characters a lot in common and an appointment my point number two is actually piggyback back of your point number one which is crazy. The only thing i would say is a genius level tactician on the battlefield sure you know i'm fine with all of that enhanced super mm per soldier sort of super soldier light serum. It's not going to pretend that she is some sort of like super enhanced. You know a being out there. He's i agree with that. She's not superhuman superhuman. She's not even borderlines captain america rush. She's like say she's regular strength. She's actually probably three times as strong as app but that's not superhuman exactly what i would say as as far as the avengers go in and there's a lot of them and there's a lot of very powerful ones we would rank her towards the bottom as far as combat abilities of the avengers as far as the ability to take down connects y and z enemy. I mean she's not going to stand up to four and take him out or iron man or any of these guys up. I will show proof to the contrary. I bet you'll try i will but that's basically missile..

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