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How'd you pick with being a freelancer answer. Would you find it quite easy. 'cause you do like large chunks of jobs. Yes I think when I first going to be answer it was kind of scary and it's terrifying yeah and now I mean now just such a lazy my oh I did breeders how it means. The filming thirteen minutes filming see it's been two weeks of course in such a good memory and so. And I came off holiday which on T._V. Christmas tieger lot Marilyn sounds like having the last year for various reasons bearing Cape and then I went into straight into a job on a camouflage went straight from perpetrators which was quite intent had a week lesson I should have done and they also sheet forward so I should have had always ended we turn off breath from this China scramble to start shooting and and and so that Laura I'm I was thinking when I finished breed in this in this field essentially wherever it was dying of Hay fever and it was condiment like work what's that I had all this year at had somewhere to be almost every weekday not have a couple of Sunday's Andro Saturday so it's like this knowledge that I didn't have to do anything for about four weeks was like a date. How how does that work? That's learn how to cook again. God am how say see yes so the freelancer now I just really like what do you mean you want me to get. You also have had like four weeks for five weeks bit. Like what do I do literally Daijo again once six weeks off when I rang light Ren Gay forgotten everything in the beginning as we're having such a nice time in completely jack. You've got mad when you're probably when you don't have a job do most often like have a job lined up for afterwards off finish the job and sometimes don't have things lined up after sometimes I all I mean there was when I found went free dogs. I think about a couple of years in I had I didn't work for four or five months. I think what it won't work and and by didn't I want my national was going to be but that wasn't going to be until April so banks this massive gap but nothing to finish it but yeah more often than not I might be bit like anything filled in for like six months and six months. I know that I'm going to do then you do something tons up. These MS shortage of Communist advisors saying that helps me. That's it's really good. Why also just quickly? Do you think way script to five women is still the case yet so there are males with devices in a lot more in America and if it was a lot more film right. I think maybe <unk> is a bit is changing. There's no production was often quite male dominated as anti male female dominated and so I think maybe people come up that way. Sometimes I'm not exactly sure why if I think it's not technical even like an Admin girly job. I don't know why it was all continente. Go the continuity go yeah and so I think that's why but it shaven as one guy I know that's coming up and he he kept in Hungary eight IOS device. If I think is going to devise inside and yet my only real native but it's is questioning is someone came to set set for which you can from skill set all somewhere but year or so again said Oh. It's very male dominated isn't it. I thought really when I started my very first job I not only women that was in you know is like onset like he was. He was like it'd be like three of US Reno and so as not like Lowe's now like cameras and at least one or two and Saudi now one of them sadness isn't told me a woman. That's not now so so yes chain but he was quite funny to me. She's still thought it's not like I know I see women everywhere. Now there was none it was lit like me and like costume maker that amount of women in technical women like in the lighting department say say he just made me my we love. I thought the has been some progress. There is some progress in terms of that and I don't know why some things are still interesting but you know you get mel. Costume design is a male costume. Sam Buys now and get mail. Make designers and mail male make parties lance. Those traditional roles are now changing. I was assigned aged. Yeah I think so that intensive gender balance probably still uneven but it's not as an even as East Stephen Ten fifteen years ago. I think the other devastation issues church on them. Yeah cruiser is like <hes> I used to be the only non white face now now means you want to three so again. It's not it's not brilliant but it's not you know at least the rock changes people actively trying to change the looking at who they got you know it's like you know but also out say the biggest issue I think is the class itchy right and can you expand on that. The Palm we have is that I was really lucky assets were but I I was looking. I Left University managed to get your permanent job. As we sat through that pay me good wage able to sheriff at my friend brilliant alien live under nor is worth in commission and say that's great but stops a few and far between these days and and if you are not based in London or don't have parents that can subsidize you then how he's supposed to enter the industry because we all well paid people you know a better pay letting nurse and we're not well paid industry as run. You're still still quite lonely played and and that's how most soft was coming trainee or is also throwing or in. I was just trying to get work experience but if there's no if people went pay these days and how do those jobs hopes if you haven't got family background sport us if you come into working class background. I don't know how also posted do these jobs. How'd you get into these jobs and also is unfortunately sometimes a case of who you know <hes> it shouldn't be but it can be and I would never denigrating won't because I think we'll take his weather may but we can't pretend that if we'd find a way of funding people this is the film industry contracts so sandwich British economy? I think that we could afford to give proper grounds improper wages to people to allow everyone now yeah and I think the thing where they do regional stuff where so things like backwards was regional. It is not made within the twenty five is may not saw them. Twenty five is a great idea but will quite work because the industry is beside concentrated in London and or Manchester. Let's say bone and now more in Wales obviously okay but but if something's out than five people just pass to find their parents addresses because there isn't actually this people living that really do those jobs yeah so that's the solution one person living cabin crew living man yeah yes and so I'm not quite sure what the artery but definitely paying people enough so they can afford to live in the places where the work is. I think it's really important as is gonNA come out but she's GonNa look at Sports Iraq for little what to come up with jobs and again if you've got people that you know that you can stay with it gets us when it the what do you do if you live. I didn't know accompanied place now leads elite. Let's say and you don't know anyone in London wants to do especially what combination mostly london-based and how'd you do that. How how'd you get your foot in the door if you'd have rich parents and you've got in a year next Monday after you have to do those jobs aren't greatly paid just to try and they'll let you off the time so yeah I think I think whenever people talk about like the diversity of the Jenner thing I think will let look at the class thing because I think if it might is probably the most iced or change things about how we fun? People give people opportunities available to grow into the industry last question what you what she had a moment on television Oh right when I'm filming but it Really Watch famous depending in what my schedule's like I got him and do nights. I am I kind of a love most thing I think probably costume drama but like Downton Yeah. I love Costra parks. I thanked me Downton. Papa wasn't made again again into it for theories so I think the moment of what search dental Jacks I love to an expert in. I think that's really interesting. I did killing gave series to this. We can nice. I love physically from Ila watching the catch with big little lies touch it with that yet are very watch the first episode of the second season I mean streep so yeah I'm expecting big emerge about mastery yeah yeah I mean I got game face which I often to watch that try keep up with comedy as well. Wow that often what's comedy work accommodate the Busman's holiday for me I think an over the close friend comedian and she used to be like come to my gator but what I don't want anymore comedian through them he needed fray right. Give you that like the head space and then I go to professional have the greatest holiday but so yes so I mean my guilty pleasures like Detective Dramas Nice. I just love in Aikido poor detective drama whatever it may be but ah yes I think yeah go to finish off gentleman Jack. I've recorded catch way to Maryland. I absolutely love it or good. Have you watched any of it none of us seven recording it and saving up so crazy to try on what week thank you so much for answering questions of Ireland it's been so wonderful to you are aero hours as my nice. Thank you thank you so much..

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