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Right now is eight twenty four it's Valentine in the morning. It was not a miracle. The Hudson member that one with the plane crashed in the Hudson river, solely this was so much like it though this morning, what could have been a disaster in the western Pacific Ocean. Instead ended as a miracle a miracle on the western Pacific. Ocean doesn't have the same ring a Boeing seven thirty-seven aircraft carrying forty seven people crash landed into the sea off a small remote island in Micronesia after the pilot Mr. runway while trying to land thirty five passengers twelve crew members aboard the flight all manage to escape. The US navy happen to be working nearby and helped in the rescue by using an inflatable boats shuttle, people shore, it also folks from the island, I guess came out and their rowboats, and they're they're fishing most everything immediately towards his jet, and it's a massive Jeter sitting there in the ocean, eventually, sinks, they came out towards the jet that had just crash landed. To assist who runs towards a jet. That crashes. These guys and women out in the roads to help. There are now signs posted at LAX is say a small amount of marijuana. Brian May be brought into the airport, but police warned that possession of any amount is still a federal crime and TSA agents may still confiscate your stash Bri basically police are warning about taking any drugs into the airport. What TSA plans to do TSA is not prosecute you're bringing marijuana into the airport. Something like that. They will alert local authorities that'll be their decision and local authorities based on how much you have etc, etc. Etc. Somewhere where you land you're saying local where you land if you got on board because they meant to have the same laws air or if you have over the amount here, Los Angeles. Authorities could Kapros weird. So best say is lever stash at home. Get it when you get to your destination bummer..

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