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The six up like another guy that stands me up. I'm done with the world's how are you. I'm great your time so we are being watched right by your audience in my audience in all that good stuff take you honestly like keep sending you that message saying thank you but just thank you. I appreciate how are you. i'm good. How's your realize we're because my husband just finished his doctorate yesterday so slow. Now's easy year with nothing else to do. So he's like our house like just move on. I don't wanna do anything of baby to be relaxed. Husband compete our call two years old. I listen Before i guess before. I go into like my whole structure because i had to write questions and my little first of all a not so big shot outside the incident because i wanted to research obviously adult film right industry and all that but i want to come prepared with my eddie game but i gotta tell you a wasn't like i felt like i have to go put it out there because i didn't find like much was disappointed in everything but i know you have so many things going on right and then you have I'm sorry the argue videos dot biz the. I'm sorry i'm saying it wrong. I know you have another last name as well. But i'm not gonna put government out there. Okay deals dot com. And then i have biaggi videos dot biz. They'll business a new one. That's right with the new videos every week and the dot com his. It has about four hundred. Does a little more than four hundred. But that's the old one. That's the one where i started by myself. You know just it into the porn industry. What did you get into the industry long story about fifty million times. But you can give me. The condensed version really bore with work. I was a manager for a company. Tourism company important. He was the main tour guide for the cruise lines and one day. I got tired of those. Like you know. I've been doing this for nine years. I was tired. I was like i wanna do poor. I was born. So i went to the sack shop to see. How the fuck do i become a porn actor. Because there's like no like nobody knows how you actor it's like i'm back down. There was it was different than now and i followed the dvd phone numbers. So i call. And the guy was his private phone from this director And then basically too long. I wanna fill who. I will come here than i wasn't good enough for his studio but he recommended in to another studio so he signed my photos on the army and in the name of your bald head on. Just take on not listen. I broke this out in honor of you right now and you don't want to know the story so i used to be an assistant program director an adult daycare and one of my clients gave to me and i thought really. Oh really in the name of avid on owning our heads brother Do not see the legal. Yes right now. No i was born in new york in brooklyn so you might want to go and talk to our friends at lgbt took over. Nobody knows all my info correctly. Everybody gets good team. where are you from. What i was born in new york by my family moved. When i was only two weeks old back toward the he goes solace raising the rigo and i lived their minds. Live till i started the industry so part of the what part of new york city. Well i was born brookline. But my mom was from manhattan. But i wasn't up in a family party like she wasn't party and she decided to give birth so because i was born in brooklyn to look and we going explained..

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