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Wait, we had a right? There were just though the one guy, you know, knife through made the clay. You know, the same stuff that we hit lastly to Jacksonville's the thirty five yard touchdown or whatever was. So those little things that were just missing by this much that make a difference. Good golden fairly them. The. Anytime you're trying to work guy in the middle seasons. Tough. You know, he's done a great job. I'm picking things out from the second. He got here is putting a lot of time facility. You know, media coaches ask him questions feel confident him wherever we put him in. Whatever we ask them to do hard to say could reviews indifferently tonight hard to say, but I'm really confident him as player and his team going forward here. And I'm sure he'll get more and more involved as real. Seem like an unfair question considering how far you've come to come back from your entry. What do you think you can do that are or more on to get this team back on? We got actually better down today that comes on my shoulders like on a line comes on everybody executions biggest thing is really hard as Santa vir after game. Just pinpoint one thing. You know, starting slow as something that that I think I can I can do better making plays early in the game trying to get guys going. But again, it's really hard to put your finger out one thing. But but executing some situation football's on those those red zone of played alshon. Those things just got hit got hit authentic. The execution of been looking. Of dining practice. Looks good. I thought even tonight execution later game wasn't bad. Sherline game. We're slow start missing things here. And there then today though, that's good football. I played it as a good defense on that isn't things early. Kinda get us out of our out of our rhythm a little bit. So you got to them as at some point. I thought we made great adjustments at half time. We just too late. Triable to Lord snort fast to the point. I mean that could be I can't say that's what's happening to us. Mike, I said it's combination things. But at the end of that you have your hat to them. Like, I said that it's early to kinda take away. What we wanted to do made some plays in the next year enough early again. Twenty. It's something that we talk about each week trying to start fast in obviously, it's not getting done. Always gotta continue to evaluate it. You know in and see see why you know, we're coming up a little bit short yard or two. Is something that you know, we we've got to continue to address it. To order was a five yard laws will have no net. When we Antunes pitted pressure jotted and in the throw right there was. To Corey end. You know without watching the tape on the far sideline. Can't really tell. You exactly. You know, what happened? But. You know, anticipated the pressure. We got it trying to get the ball out quick and trying to do that. Team in the locker it again messages, basically is pretty simple. Starting with myself all of us. You know, this looking ourselves in the mirror, and are we are we doing enough giving enough? Each week. It's strange. I mean, you have to you have to strain yourself to make plays Nashes. This game is and we didn't do enough of that today in. That's that's the disappointing thing. In just gave up too many too many plays defensively in offense in next enough. And Celeste that's disappointing disappointing thing, but each person each coach each player in locker room we have to. Have to really look at yourself. And and and decide every day, you come to work that that you're gonna give your best, and you're gonna do everything you can to get better and help us England came out of the halftime locker angry fire up the whole team all fizzled out. What happened? Guys were side. I mean, we had three now on defense is active, but we talked about halftime offense was able to go down in points on that next drive in and and it just felt like, you know, things were beginning to turn force. I don't know..

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