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Skanks gangster sold his contract and he then was a part of the mgm studios system. They hooked him up with. Jimmy durante. jim. Doreen second fiddle. He tried to do some directing stuff and he just couldn't get anything off the grounds and he went through a very famously bitter divorce with his first wife. Whose name is natalie town okay. She was one of the town's pretty famous if anybody's aged by dome. Sir don't buckle members. The actress norma talmadge. This was her sister. Natalie talmadge gocha they. They got divorced. She took him to the cleaners. She got custody of the children and change their means. They were their names. Were changed from. Keaton talmadge really. Yeah and you know. He lost track of his sons went into div alcoholism and he was doing what he could here and there but it was nothing anything anybody was writing about. So you get shows like the twilight zone. Which are these anthology shows. Were you can have washed up movie stars and like we see with buster. Keaton made no secret. That huge buster keaton fan as we see with buster keaton because he was amazing. Physical performer ingenious. Yeah he's still really good in this episode. Like i said this is a believer season three episode of once upon a time right and when you see buster in eight in the eighteen hundreds. It is a silent. It's a silent picture so we'll be going on the background. And when he's in nineteen sixty one. It's it's talkie yes it makes. It was a this was a trope of the golden age of television where people were finding. Resurgence is in their careers especially silent actors on cheating doing tv guests faults and that was something that lasted into the eighties. Where you would see things like buster crabb being a guest star on the gil gerard buck rogers roger Which was amazing because best craft used to play buck. Rogers in the movie serials bless. Your crab was amazing. Buster crabb was not only buck. Rogers was also flesh court. I do right. I mean how does one guy to be both guys. That's awesome so he's kind of hogging the cereals. Yeah that's true. He get superman though so he did not know that's true he didn't get through kirk he you know we we have it or i've talked before about how there are some golden film stars who wound up having horror movie careers later on in their life like reema land or melvyn douglas where they star in these sometimes really good and sometimes really cheesy horror movies and that was that was a trophy. You would see people would like if you if your grandma didn't like your tv show but say mel torme was going to be on night court service. You could get like your grandma or your mom to watch the show with you because it was somebody from their era on your tv show and that was the thing you were seeing people. Getting their own tv shows he writing people. Doing guest spots receive as their movie careers faded. They turned to television in the desperate attempt to revitalize creatures. This is back in the day in the fifties. Even though television did have it did start out with noble intentions lie. It was still considered very much second fiddle to to film work. There's there's there's like you you know that episode that that doctor who special where it's Peter davison and semester mccoy to be a guest on the doctor who reunion show. The i can't remember which what's the. What's the episode. That has tom. Baker and john hurt. Oh you mean the day of the doctor in the dark like trying to the doctor. Yeah what it was. It was peter davison he created. This is called. The five ish doctors reboot yes so which is a play on the five doctors so called the fighting he was. He was trying to get this where the was figuring podcast considered by the way that's where they get their name and he's trying to get paul mcgann but paul mcgann is known as like the hardest working actor in britain. He has actual movie career in tv career. Yeah so he's he's in everything and it's just too busy do it. Yes he's best. Mccoy is talking about how i'm busy to lord of the rings and the hobbit hobbit they're talking about you know well paul's on a new show insufficient Will it's not a motion picture. He's very judgmental. About how like. Tv is like second. Do i love that. That that that the that that whole thing is just fantastic. If you're a doctor who fan just love. It's so funny and of course. Of course. Peter davison is trying to get david tennant right and and it feels like he gets up the phone. He's like your dad called again. Because of course. David tennant is married to peter davison The doctor's daughter. Because you dad call me again about the stupid thing. She stopped so funny but even sylvester mccoy. Like what was it. Two thousand fourteen was like. Oh it's not. It's great to have beyond a series but it's not emotion richard right so That was a big thing and children's programming was a big thing for television. A lot of television during there was not. You didn't watch tv during the day that much when tv for started. Tv was a primetime thing. And then towards the late fifties you started having people like liberace who came at like three or four and you know. He called himself a matinee idol. And then you then you had mike. Douglas merv griffin was daytime. Talk shows but a lot of tv after the today show after the morning news was for and a lot of it was audits and how do to being one of them right and the nineteen fifties was also had a tv show salmon friends which was the premier a character. You may two characters. You may have heard of roth the dog and kermit the frog sound familiar. These sounds lofa liu so you had shows like that where you had. So that's where. Jim nelson got his start essentially historical mature slamming friends. So you have a lot of children's tv show. They didn't do a lot of animation until sixties right and you had like kids. Tv host type things But you had puppets like howdy. Doody your sherry lewis and lamb chops roasts sites and so in this episode of on the air. These to come together where you've got sylvia hudson doing a guest spot but you also have mr peanuts. The number one children's tv star playing hardball during contract negotiations and mr nick quote folding like a deckchair in giving him a guest spot on your top primetime series. Right so it's still be a hudson and mr peanuts are gonna be on the same. Yeah and as it turns out. Sylvia is refuses to work with a puppet onscreen yet. The day i share screen with a puppet is the day they serve ice in drinks the cocktail of l. as with my favorite quotes of the episode. Yeah listen to me you sorry. Excuse for suck. If you ever interpret seeing me the great soviet has an. I will devote my life to the relation of.

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