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Cheese, and we want our We want our teams that have a good experience here and all that other stuff, But in reality, they went to the independent road and the end And if you are an independent football team, and you're not a part of a conference and conferences that rolling to conference only schedules, Guess what. You don't you don't have anybody to play. Now. It's interesting. If you remember about two or three weeks ago, both e aids from Army and West Point I mean Army and the Navy said that their game was going to be played in December. If there's only one game played this year, they were saying, our teams are playing and that game is going to be played. I don't know if they have backed off on that stance a little bit. But we'll see whether or not those two teams come together and play in December. So right now, this is the first team to go down, but I think it's Zedd. There are victim of circumstances. Well, it's covert 19. Yeah. I mean, I just don't have a lot of faith for college football. At this point being played. I sum it's one of the things that I really thought would get done because there was so much at stake, and it means so much to so many towns and Colleges and all the money and that still holds true, But to me, it's just it's gonna have to get pushed back. There's gonna have to be something drastic that changes. It's just too soon right now to have it happen If you're not going to be able to have some sort of scenario where all the players can protect themselves in the way that the N B a in the NHL are doing and there's too many players just it spread across the country too much. You have the whole school situation as well. I mean, it just seems Far too difficult to be able to pull off, regardless of the restrictions that they wanna have with conference on ly schedules. I mean it just it just I don't know. I don't want to be naked. I'm trying not to be right now. I got told to Michigan has $180 million budget man. And they basically that football team basically funds everything. Now the basketball team makes money, too, And I'm sure the hockey team brings in a little bit of money. But it underwrites everything and underwrites all the nonrevenue sports the entire athletic administration. It brings in donations from Ahlam and people who support the programs. I mean, this is no joke. I mean, the University of Texas University of Alabama University of Georgia, You know, Auburn University Miami, Clemson. I mean, they all require these football teams to be playing because of the amount of money that goes into their particular institution. So I believe that they could do everything you possibly can the play. I really do. And I'm not saying that it's right or it's wrong. I just think that they are being pressured financially. Tio actually have to pull this off much like the NFL is much like basic baseball is much like the MBA, NHL and MLS is and the WN BA by the way. So the good news is, is that a lot of luck, even baseball with the Miami Miami moans going through what they're going through and the Cardinals going through what they're going through, You know, there are all these other teams are doing fine, by the way. Doing fine. Yeah, I know, I know. But the problem is you have a couple teams without brakes that could jeopardize the entire season. Now, these are professionals and you think about college kids. And so many of them as compared to the 30 major league baseball teams with a 32 NFL teams. It's a different story. I mean, you're talking about trying to herd cats at that point. To make sure that all these guys were doing the right thing. You know, you might even if you get 95% of the locker room doing the right thing, you know that 5% here are there could end up infecting 100%. Well, you know you also You also have a lot more college football players already. Diagnosed with covert 19 or probably over it and already practicing. Yeah, you know they're already working out and now whether or not they can get it again. That's a wholenother story and whether or not there's a herd immunity aspect to it, that's another. Part of the story that still has to be told, because we're relatively what we six months into this now. And you know they're talking back scenes already, So I mean, it seems like it's been a long time, but it has been a relatively short time in the world. Of what Is going on and how they're trying to attack it. There's been a lot of mistakes. There's no question about it, and there's been a lot of political wrangling back and forth. But you know they're trying to spend as much money as they possibly can to come up with an answer as quickly as they can. I think that's what we're all crossing our fingers for. Yep. On guy. Dream of a functional and successful vaccine for you know, the earliest I guess. December is what they were talking about. I mean, that that right now is a dream, but it's also You've got to this point now that you're expecting things not to go right the first time around, especially with this virus, So that's what we're expecting. We're expecting a second wave or expecting bumps in the road of the vaccine. And you hope that the viruses and as deadly as it was back in March, and it seems like some of the numbers bear that out at this point, maybe more infectious, but maybe not as deadly, which You know is a lot better than what we were seeing in New York back in April. I mean, for crying out loud. There are 800 deaths today, So if we don't have that again, that's at least a step in the right direction. But there's just there's just so many X factor's. There's just so many different things. That are unforeseen right now. And when you think about sports, starting up in that type of way in the game of football, it's like it's as I said on their doorstep now, especially with the idea that you know there's a couple things on one is Thie. Is there going to be a second wave? And two. I don't necessarily know that you can continue to keep the economy shut down. I mean, now we're talking about rental payments, you know? Apartment payments business paying their least rents. I mean, come on. I mean, this is AH is having such a profound effect on so money other ways. And yet there is still a segment of the population and so goes to work every day. Yeah, I know. On and those who do are are the fortunate ones, and that's what we count our blessings every morning to be able to be here. I know everybody else. It's working right now, even though it's not an ideal situation. I mean, we appreciate your job more than you ever have. When you look around and see so many people have lost theirs and lost their businesses in our livelihoods. Hi Boomer Angio on the fan and CBS Sports Network Sports are back..

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