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Don't want to be office today i you know i was having a good day it's beautiful walk through been trying to spray often outside and got a little bit of white to the blue sky but it's still sunny enough for me to smile and say hey it's getting reach bring him and feel good about myself feeling good because the the air is better the the weather's better you came in this morning saw rebecca who happens to be one of the news editors here the flagship station where i work allies that's what's going on today's though besides hampered uncle hamper what's going on with hanford by her dry up she so there was a that was a cubans a day of the the the pure ex plan underground and they had to evacuate towards the hanford of i'm thinking oh my gosh you know not again let me see because hanford however doesn't get much press and i talked about all the time is talking about what's in your backyard it doesn't affect me but does affect you answered is quite literally america's through consumer there was an article in twenty eleven industry go good called hanford america's atomic time bomb hanford nuclear way still poses a serious risk hanford is america's let's just say our first sin that we are first nuclear soon we we we built this huge facility sprawled five hundred eighty six square miles it's a four hour drive south east of seattle and you go into this area there's the try cities okay but it's like one of the things i love about i love ten awake i've never been a rich run and pass real but i'll i'll tell you i been kennewick i love kennewick it's great place would see as you're moving closer through these try cities you're getting closer to hanford which is like this was empty vast nothing that's in eastern washington and this is where the united states for most to its nuclear robert your goals for the cold war he was the commission in nineteen eighty eight and it's still it's like a graveyard out there it's it's a it's a land of markets nuclear ghost town it's it's worse looking mature noble moves nothing creepy your insurance noble and seeing like a fear israel it's a band you expecting some radioactive clown penny wise from it just jumping around in there and having a ball this is a nuclear waste land.

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