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Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, Governor Wolf discussed on KYW 24 Hour News


We do have a severe thunderstorm watch for most of the area until ten o'clock tonight the clouds should break up later tonight as the storms make their exit partly cloudy later tonight hello just seventy degrees mostly cloudy hot and humid tomorrow scattered thunderstorms developing later in the day and at night and a high of eighty died Friday mostly cloudy muggy scattered thunderstorms still around during the afternoon and a high of eighty eight it's seventy seven in long port eighty five in Wynwood eighty five at the acme in Clifton heights sponsored by acme acme your favorite local supermarket it's six fifty four fitness clubs from across Pennsylvania are banding together to try to bend the arm of governor wolf and get him to include them in the yellow phase of re opening this K. Y. W. spoke hurts a few weeks ago Newtown athletic club owner Jim Worthington was waiting patiently to re open while offering space that is mammoth facility for three hundred beds to handle potential coronavirus patient overflow he has since switched gears and form the Pennsylvania fitness alliance a group of more than a hundred fifty clubs throughout the Commonwealth with the goal of putting on a full court press to get permission to reopen this weekend we are now in communication with the health department we've been sending.

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