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Sicknick who died the next day. Keep it here on WTO for full details in the minutes ahead. It is 5 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s, here is Dave dildy. And here we are on the beltway in Maryland and Virginia for once without anything blocking the way, towing a vehicle out of the median strip off of the ditch there in your branch avenue. And on the Italy after Orlando road, we should have the crash on the shoulder, but still slow getting a look at that one. Otherwise, just volume delays in the beltway toward the American legion and Woodrow Wilson bridge. Two 70, 95 Baltimore, Washington Parkway, Friday, slowdowns. Nothing much to worry about otherwise in Virginia, George Washington Parkway, southbound beyond one 23. The crash and a broken down vehicle clear southbound lanes open. Route 7 west of Leesburg, westbound lanes, open crash beyond 7 O four is out of the way. 66 eastbound in false church crash on the right shoulder. Still slow, but steadier into Arlington three 95, 95. Slow in separate stretches between Washington and Fredericksburg, but bias Fridays go, it's not all too bad. Through Northern Virginia on three 95 and 95. In the district, crash on Connecticut avenue and Chevy Chase near Morrison street. And back in Montgomery county, a crash on the cabin John Parkway, westbound slow off the Clara Barton Parkway toward the inner loop. It is closer to the beltway where at least one lane is blocked by the crash response on cabin John, Parkway. Dave golden WTO P traffic. Go back to storm team four Amelia Draper here with the weekend forecast looking pretty nice right now, huh? Not bad at all, Sean, I mean tomorrow is looking beautiful

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