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The torture may collect which is the highest rates The Tower little tip for me is that I mean you can go to do the full to the cathedral but it kind of is huge inside and it goes on and on and armed and if you're really interested right upper little kind of cheese is if you just go directly for Placido Raina to the front of the Cathedral go directly to left pay a couple of euro so just go straight to the top of the tower top Michelet and have a beautiful view of the whole city for their top. Ten top tip. Where would you normally head from back? So we come around the back of the Cathedral and we're in Pasadena not too much. Nope there but we do. It's kind of like the way the buses common turnaround in this futuristic restaurants. Not Scientific but we go through that because we wanted to laugh then we go to the policy of the Monarchy Doug was which is a beautiful the Rock Palace Fifteenth Century Palace which is famous ready for an absolutely stunning marble sculpture. On the front of it at. It's now a ceramics museum. The name didn't ring about the marble facade or this sort of the mobile doorway. I've taken a few snaps of that in the past. I'm yet stunning. Yes definitely a little Kodak Moment. So we stopped their pages very. It's kind of like Beige. Creamy colored Ma. Listen to me. It looks like candle. Wax almost been molded melted onto around the door. Sometimes save like a giant cheesy wedding cake over its episode. Beautiful Very opulent in. It's time we stop there. We have a photo we then back to go back into the historical to the market area. The central area but on the way on our left we pass the cafe the Madrid which those who like refreshing drink is interested. The coin died. That's where the idea dementia was invented or created for the Valencia. Yeah I was GonNa ask you about that. Actually tried it before. I don't think I've tried it and Cafe Damon three remember this is. Npr cocktail made predominantly with. Cover Spanish. Shumpei there is a little story. I mean I don't know how true this is but you know. Take the pinch salt. But it's a nice story so there's a cafe demetre eighties. There was a way to Constantine Hale who van came onto become. Oh became a very famous painter. You could check out some of his paintings sites. At Constantine Kill. He was a bomb of time and there were Randy best travelers. Who kept older? Atwood's bill battle with the bill. Bo was Calva and the bomb got fed up off a crisis. While you're ordering the same thing you know. And he said well you make something different than and so he wanted us to the industry's at side which you can still stinks see. Standing today. Grabbed a load oranges squeezed into the into the carve-up now actively Valencia and so that's the equivalency was born. The modern version is kind of fortified with a little bit of gin a little bit of vulgar curious. Well so you know you gotta be careful in the summer on the start getting it. Dinu and yeah I mean I. I've seen people ordering it. By the jugs by the jug as good stuff. Yeah Lovely Nice and refreshing. I'm an APP to think of oranges. Almost in a way they go everywhere. I mean you know. Some people might get people from Florida on my tour California that not so not so nominate by the orange trees everywhere are being. British is still kind. It lowers be a novelty. Just see to see orange trees growing on your streets as a way. I completely agree with you that quite a number two. They're everywhere here in the streets. Of course you. Kati ones in the city. But you know if you get on your bike the second you get outside of the city a couple of kilometers you know if you go pessimistic you can. You can grab grab went straight from the trillion. You Could Nikolay Lens. They but the city bitter I think but they still have is the May harvest them. I think they use them for it. Oh perfume industry and cosmetics. Yeah they harvest them around about the beginning February here one day. Wake Up. And there's no oranges just Donnie. So we've had a joke with Sierra in cafe next up where we take us next. Well then we walk tools. The mankad sent out which is one of the spectacular highlights of the war the the central market. I've read that it's the biggest food markets in Europe. So I'm not sure exactly. I know that the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is pretty big but they say it's the biggest dedicated food logging. Apparently he covers more than eight thousand square meters. It's big it's I mean you know it's all the cliches but it is absolute cathedral to food. It's fabulous place. It's just a theater you could. You could walk around there for an hour. Just you know all the produce and the seafood and the fruits vegetables and just a bit space to go and it's more of a I think of to me feels more of work in markets Than that a kind of tourist attraction. It's you know you see that. The applause are in there by net by the rabbits. In the morning. It's very much would can market a lot. My guests so can we buy stiffer well. There's actually a book market. Which is what's going on behind the outsiders Scott By red white and blue tiles above the glass all my to take photos so the next day the day after you get you get the kind of photo story of your experience. We always take photos and funds if these kind of lemon and Pale. Blue Tiles is very traditional rustic country tiles in finding kitchens and stuff and they're around the the the market is very beautiful. I mean just talking about markets because you mentioned bat you know this is a working marquette. There's another mount in violence. Which is I imagine used to be. A market has since been converted into more food court with bars and restaurants Senate. Now I can't remember the name but Cardo Cologne. This is more upmarket culinary. What would you say I always try to compare it to two places in the UK? Even though I don't know why because I haven't lived at the twenty years but kind of this tradition of automotive in London they have very markets who food culinary. Makoto Connie's very much along those lines. Very beautiful little bit more upmarket but goodman the lesson and a study building. I think I'm pretty soon. It used to be a train station or some kind of sometimes the architect. It's all local plant but definitely D recommendation as well. Yeah like you said. It didn't how you describe it. I don't WANNA say food court because that makes me think of some dismal shopping center underground food court in a nine hundred eighty s shopping center. And there's nothing to. I would probably go there in the afternoon. And this beautiful Bazei. Scipio CAPPELLETTI JIM. Making and have some nibbles. Yeah back to the he at the central market of an area where met got sent. Shall we go right to the bill of the market? And if you look up in the middle you'll see this beautiful circular kind of ruled iron roof decorated with the beautiful paintings of fish and oranges and and Yeah it's real spectacular roof. We stopped there and take some phone. Say we turn right then. Walk through my favorite part of the market. Which is seafood whole whatever amazing projects fractured season from Brussels they? They shook his freshman. Michelle for you to have with the glass it carver with even the mascot central now and we took rights. And to what I think is I think. It's one of the buffs. Certainly one of the most beautiful buildings in the center NASA Yata de la Mega Saddam meaning silk. And this is a beautiful medieval building dated back to the fifteen hundreds where they used to trade six in the medieval days. It was kind of you know the end route of the history of the old Silk Road. And it's where the traders from all over Europe used to come to buy silk makes sense. I suppose the United States being pulled a port city as well. Yeah it's breathtaking. It's beautiful build in a beautiful building and again you can go inside. We don't go into might suit but it's one of the top things today. I definitely recommend you go in again. It's a couple of euros. I think everything's too. Let's get into some bargain prices but you pay two euros and you go into a Beautiful Orange Grove courtyard than you turn left into was the training room and it's a beautiful model touched whole. I mean really spectacular stunning architecture and Desert Chapel. There's a big basement where I believe. They used to stole the wind. I like to say that's where they still with the wind. But yeah that's the Yata definitely would be on your list.

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