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Go check amount and broke off to go pursue a career in private equity soon after my now co founder. Reach back out to me and said Do you wanna You're one of few people who really understand these workflows in this process. You want to join me as a late co founder. And i said what's that mean he because you're not gonna get paid like eighteen months and i'm like sweet. Let's do that can either work at this awesome. Private equity firm like where they're throwing money around or i could go do this. Total leap of faith on this belief that i had that we can make content high quality content sexy and we have And that's really my journey to kids two and a half and four and a half year old and I gosh did. Jeffrey underscore coil on twitter at the up link dan. I answer everything if you've got a question checkout page People are usually shocked at that. I will record them. Video of me like walking through their page and being like i just did actually it was residual guy said the note to A person who to send me Stage and i'm like was eighteen minutes long. They rented like five in the morning last night. And i can imagine they were like wow. He looked at this team. It's either i just. I just love this stuff. And i try to make that shine through in everything. Marcus mazing and the rest is as they say. History right now. You're now you're here making a dental universe. Hope to one day. People believe that. I want the bar for content quality to have risen so high. And there's no market for crap. If i can rid the world of content that would be amazing. Amazing jeff coil. It's been an absolute pleasure so Thanks for coming on take care. Stay safe and keep in touch jess. Thanks so much for having me..

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