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A quote at State Farm dot com so it's been so much fun for you and I might to sort of re live the yes he's in the nineties as we remember them definitely different levels but you were busy playing football a prime I was doing this essentially was absorbed in all of it but we're delighted to talk to someone who's been a colleague of ours for a long time it is now going on to do a million different things including the director of sports journalism at Medill which is the journalism school at northwestern kind of a big deal perhaps you've heard of it J. A. Dante is joining us here and J. you were covering the bowls during that time thanks for being with us this morning just just as someone who went through this on a daily basis covering this team for all those championships are so many of them are some of them what is a bit like sort of going through this again through the lens of this documentary it's been so much fun to revisit this and especially now with everything going on it recently night it's like you know you get to hop in a time machine and go back to the nineties and if this gave everything that's going on and that that's the closest thing I've had to vacation this year right and it it really feels like a vacation every Sunday night but you know I tell people that the basketball is better now I like the brand of game if you go back if you look at the scores of these games when they sell them they very rarely crack a hundred points you know I thought I like more high scoring basketball the more like the eighties basketball but I love the intensity of the rivalry is that the hatred the bitterness that expand the big day you know particularly when you come when you talk about like the bulls in the fifth and I'm really glad M. J. added you know with outside of Detroit at the end of that because a lot of different brands have been triggered brought the glass that though if you're going out there in the paper or the thought that they said that they've failed and if you have met the my god that would just be another round of complaints that I get in there too but the fact that those feelings still are so deep shows you how passionate everything was in the nineties and knowing what you did covering the team being around all these guys when it was going on versus now and seeing just how much resentment from Michael and others they're still work towards achieving that surprising you at all that they've held on to those feelings for so long but a little bit but again the intensity you would so hot though and and the rivalry you ordered so so he did an animated and the slightest little thing everything was with this exaggerated and blown up and and I mean you have all the little game that that's one thing that I thought that was going on with the doctor when he can't even get into even at that hour like the the game with the twenty who coached one shot at the end and got a different set up one point eight seconds there was a big brawl in the first half of a game there were suspensions you know all that stuff was going on that there and and it would spill over like that one literally spilled over into the stands in the middle that pulls both mix during the ninety four so all of this stuff was going on and and and Phil Jackson and Pat Riley going at each other in the media of the you don't have that level of intensity today it is far as how long did the Pippen thing Kerry on the one point eight seconds not going to strain I remembered it's interesting there are there are Mike and and does some of his age were tweeting today we talked about that don't even remember that ever happening and yet that is something that you would think we stick with somebody forever at the moment it was so huge and I always say that it's still resonates in that if you have useful Stan Thomas Thomas led by John Paxson the reporting that a ninety three year even Jordan's famous shot in game six in nineteen ninety eight nobody remembers the time let everybody remembers one point eight seconds left went went went got a different set up however it is a testament to the greatness of his career and most notably that the next three championship that he won with Michael Caine that that it's not the defining moment of his career and you know it it shows a lot that he was able to overcome that that it really wasn't even a moment of a game when the game if Google's doesn't make that shot and they lose that game I think it's a very different story even though they didn't go on to win that the fact that they won that game I think went a long way toward mitigating the impact of that talking to Jay Z. donned a director sports journalism at Medill at Northwestern J. I'm curious having gone through it then and getting to look back on it now is there something that looks considerably different you sought and received it one way going through covering the first time versus going back and looking over it now the one thing that stands out with that that video of of Michael wafting through the floor you go back into the locker room after they won the championship in ninety six is clutching the ball and we've seen the video of of them stopping but this is the first time I heard the audio and that that's is it on a much deeper level to each year the stopping of that so that was something a moment with which I was very familiar with that that struck me in a very different way because now we have the addition of the audio as well that that one really stands out to me J. Donnelly with us again now the director of sports journalism as sports journalism as I try to go way too fast without the dental restaurant university what will be one of the great beaches in the history of college campuses at Northwestern University check it out like Michigan right there but I'm curious to get your perspective in your current role now on something that was such a big part of the Michael Jordan's story of the nineties which was the death of his father and that so many reports or speculative reports linking somehow the death of his father to something Michael did a a gambling debt gone wrong and all that kind of stuff and we've seen so much so many people come out safely Bob Costas in the documentary there wasn't a thimble full of truth to any of those things yeah it was something that was written constantly speculated on a time as you look at you in your job now as again the director of journalism at Medill how do you go back and look at that part of the story now totally irresponsible and we've we've been doing a chat with our students with other things in the documentary cover the holes in the nineties and she's my colleague at at Madill we we do chat with our students during the bearing the left on Sundays and one of them asked how do we avoid doing things like that and you know she was appalled by by the the lack of really journalistic ethics that unless it's real simple verified report don't speculate and it was very irresponsible to do those things that the two elements the speculation on the the the because the motive behind the murder of James Jordan and you know the speculations that they've never been founded that Michael was suspended for gambling by the NBA universe is covered up and and was reported my thing is the envy of the league youth of all the people you have been in the business like no more gothic that comes out and but no more troops you know no more stuff with services like in the NBA and I've never heard anyone credible from anywhere in the NBA realm that is ever come close to verifying that there was a suspension and yet it it almost came to be accepted as fact without any tangible evidence and you know the early jumping at it the funny thing is that something that's very modern right the type of speculation you see on social media unfortunately it was taking place in legitimate news outlets and you just can't go that far when you don't have anything tangible to base it on you simply cannot speculate and and plan credence to things that haven't improved well let me ask you to speculate on this it's a hindsight question I I asked Jason you're the director of the last dance this question I won't tell you what his answer was to lie here yours could a non basketball event have stopped all of this in nineteen ninety four the baseball strike and that's the reason Michael Jordan wasn't playing baseball at the time he went back to the bulls because he wouldn't cross the picket line if there was no strike that year and he played baseball that year do you think he ever would have come back I think the way things played out I think you would have because we saw he did come back in two thousand one so I I think you but he certainly would have come back at that time and and things change and maybe you know maybe study Pippin is traded and he doesn't feel comfortable coming back to a team where he doesn't know a single other player on that team which would have been the case that they traded study so if you don't get there if you don't get the three P. either in that there's a lot that you don't get but I think eventually he would have come back and play basketball but not at that time so yes I agree that the I'm I'm guessing he said yes but I I think that the baseball strike the baseball labor troubles at that time led to the return of Michael Jordan you don't get that if you don't have the baseball labor strife layer to the story it really is and again we'll get the last two episodes this Sunday although Mike Mike June are waiting for the lost episode episode eleven the wizard era so J. we appreciate your time this morning thanks for giving us some perspective on what it was like to live through it and we look forward to a see what happens this weekend be well be safe okay thank you great doctor that hello we see we look forward to what's gonna happen they're gonna win yeah I would maybe I feel good about it yeah that's true gold you'll you'll reminding you to tune into.

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