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Tomorrow chinese president xi jinping is expected to arrive in hong kong as that city prepares to mark twenty years of chinese rule on saturday and some prodemocracy activists activists want to ensure that his visit will not be peaceful which is why twenty six of them including joshua wong and nathan law from the political party desisto have now been taken in by police the arrests happened earlier today when prodemocracy activists stormed the golden bohemia square in hong kong for the second time in three days the area will be the site of an official flagraising ceremony on saturday which will be attended by the president and incoming hong kong chief executive carrie lam derek lamb is a spokesperson for the hong kong political party desisto we reached him in hong kong mr lang can you described to me what was happening around the golden bauhinia square earlier today is sure this evening on democrat cooper party and our fee people power and they give me for the active it has facial approach heavy in perak for hillary out career and we want to do that to show our anger to china government because this year if the twenty anniversary or the hangover and the china goffman have promised hong kong people to give us hire of four t and promise up the can have a democracy at the final but what we saw lost twenty years is a china's government sin fulfilled their promise that make it as choke so we wants to do this protest indirect him here to show that hong kong people.

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