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But i mean unless you're desperate in euro lying on that those guys are going to give you a ton of consistency right now even against the green bay team the they're not care possessed the ball a lot pittsburgh you'll have a probably the majority of the game and antonio brown loves the football i don't think even if thorough by two scores in the fourth quarter he's not gonna sit out to let somebody else take his catches chris rosser says funchase sore hill i think this is why health big games tennessee tennessee's defense is not that good for set is better than people realize percent mccown or nearly top10 quarterbacks for the season i think in annapolis is putting up as many points as tennessee today i think he'll do not a huge game by scoring game yeah yeah we'll see why not i mean neither defense any good i mean highscoring games on dictated by good things are says bad generally dictated by bad defenses and you're once in a while you get a dot like that chiefs giants game last week but i mean i i think i don't think either team is going to run all that great but i do think the quarterbacks are gonna throw for at least two fifty mr blue wants to know bobby derek henry your davante booker that's a it's a situation of dirt hunters had some good games this year davante booker has been or merging it's close i'm gonna go with the vaunted booker route oakland oakland's defense is a very good the probably get a lean on him a lot given the fact that paxson lynch's starting and i don't think they're going will put too much on his plate early on their came really overrated and fantasy right now his own little i leagues and he probably should be in case murray ever just sits out a week or two but derek henry most weeks does very little had to one b game against the colts i understand that they're playing in today but don't meet that doesn't mean he's going to do it again because the colts i i i just think people keep henry and martavis bryant around waiting for the big stuff and it.

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