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Let me finish. I think what everyone is missing here in the story because they're going back and forth about whether the mayor was trying to hide numbers now. Being somebody that doesn't get regular information from the mayor's office. I've gotten a couple of things Whenever I ask. It's it's it's been fairly timely. I'll say then. But I don't know. I don't know. I'm not a reporter, So I'm not out there asking for Ah, your constant information for the air. They did release, apparently to some outlets. Tennessee look out. And Tennessee Lookout is going. Look, the Fox 17 has the story wrong. They're not covering up anything. We ask for information. We got it. So my question is, are the other outlets out? They're just not asking for the information. What tendency Lookout as would seek to me. It looks like they would put a press release out. Now you can go. You can say Well, this is A reward for investigative journalism. You shouldn't have to investigate journalism Investigatively journalist this thing because they should be. They should be readily passing out all the information so that you'll have to go looking for under some rocks. I'm Ringo. Well, there's the truth. How about the truth of the Daily press conference from the mayor's office? So if the information about the low incidence of Corona virus at bars and restaurants was out there, it still doesn't explain why the mayor closed them down as opposed to construction site. So I said, I think everybody's missing here is that one of the five categories were cases were going up was mass gatherings. That was the mayor's protest that turned into a riot. It. It doesn't account for all of the spike. But it certainly Didn't help. Okay, so I think that's the part of this. That people are missing. I mean, they're looking at all sorts of things that may or may not be true to me. It looks like if you're looking at these memos or you look in the stands and you're the mayor. What you're doing is you're trying to find a way to deflect the blame from you. Which is what he did. He closed the restaurants in the bars, and he didn't close. The construction sites, and so there's never been in the mayor's office never answered the question. And when they issued a clarification statement this afternoon, they never answered the question. So here is the question. The first question that I think the people of Nashville in surrounding areas who, of course, you know Nashville is the hub. And so when you got a mayor that's making decisions is as an impact not just on Nashville with surrounding area. What enquiring minds want to know is this If you're trying to If you're trying to get the Corona virus case is under control. And you've got 1251 of the construction site and 21 at restaurants and bars. Why did you close the restaurants and bars and other construction sites? I mean, you could make an argument. You close them all. But why did why did you just close one category and not the others? Why haven't you done something about the nursing homes, which is the second highest category of confirmed cases. And then the other question is I would ask the mayor in hindsight, Do you think it was a mistake for you invite thousands of people down to protest the police. Because we see a spike of one of the five categories where there was an increase. Was in mass gatherings and you Held a mascot. You let a mass gathering So if I'm the mirror, I'm looking at this and I'm going one of the five categories. It's increasing has something to do with me. And it could be a couple of it could be community social category has something to do with him. If these folks were leaving the mass gathering and going and that I don't even know how the count community Social I'm not sure that means Well, they're doing contact tracing, which is an inexact science. And so you know, we just we take what data we can get. But we do know that mass gatherings in the Corona virus in cases in the several weeks after the mayor's riot Increase by 6.1%. And so if you're the mayor, you going holy crap. I just cause part of this. I'm not saying he calls all of it, and I would never suggest that caused the intern. I mean, it's like seeing the Trump caused the entire Corona virus Bandit. I'm just saying he's not helping And what he's doing is hurting businesses that have nothing to do with Corona virus or very little to do with growing virus spread. So if I'm well, I know there are the lawsuits, you know. You got lawsuits, and you put this stuff before a jury. And you've got the the city's attorney out there trying to defend this. Let me ask you, Mr City Attorney. You have 1251 cases at construction sites and 21 in bars and restaurants. Why did he close the construction site? Well up. Ah, well, we're not talking about that. No, no, you're not because you don't want to talk about what we are. Why didn't you close down the construction sites? There is no answer other than its political. The whole thing is political, and this would have been telling you from the mass to all the rest of stuff..

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