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Moving forward. But that's not the case no unfortunately it's not And typically in years We'd see a little bit more damage from southern system atari than we do on the conditions where we've got adequate soil moisture You know again that that route infection from those mandatory is going to mike us plants struggle even more to get moisture which is again as a reminder that Sem is not going to go away by itself. It takes a lot of work. And it's i guess it really starts with that false soil tests right. That's still the key yet. The absolutely Taking out sole test Doing crop when you can And certainly trying to ride tight that soybeans resistant sources. Well this this primarily to different types of ti. I seven eight. I which is widely and in the peking resistance oocyte turn of ties two different resistant sources. They're not very good management strategy. It seems like the more we learn the more we realize what big problem this is absolutely and unfortunately all of these things are very complex right. There's not silver bullet or it's not black and white There is a lot of complexity to the systems but nuts. That's what we're trying to do the research to to Identify more of us relations. So do we have Do we ever have a handle on. How bad a year was for essien until till we done no soil tests and actually i mean the problem. If there's a problem there now it's already there right. That's right Yeah i mean you can do less all tests. And i want sort of issue going into The next spring. I intend to yield. Loss is really gonna depend on the weather conditions. You know those dry conditions. You might seem more you lost for judah system at tied But it really depends too on the variety that you're planting not all pi. I'd i'd seven-night resistant. Sources are equal their differences So you want to look for any information from in your shake catalog or from your safe dealer about varieties for on imitates good resistance. Yeah so it's important that soil tests done this fall and know what you're dealing with as so you can Try to address it. All right dr chilver thank you so much for the update. We appreciate it. Thank you mark. All right. Michigan state university plant pathologist. Dr martin jill vers talking about Relationship between sudden death syndrome and soybean cyst nematode big challenges prophet robbers for soybean growers while the challenges of twenty twenty one continued. We'll keep you up date tomorrow. We'll continue to look at these weather. Conditions and how they are impacting and bringing into question our crop production for this year and how markets are then reacting to those conditions as well so much more on that coming up tomorrow and are they going to get this infrastructure package done or not. What's going to be in.

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