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O P. Let's check out Wall Street so far this afternoon, Geoff Clay Bob, How is down 95 points the S and P 500 index down a half percent. The NASDAQ is down. 1% Money news in 10 Minutes on wtlv. Sports at 15 and 45, powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red to 15 George Wallace. While big stuff out of the NFL Today is what if I told you that Ron Rivera is now the longest tenured coach in the NFC East? Wow. One year in 10 days. Yeah. Philadelphia as just fired Doug Peterson after five seasons as I do, of course, won the Super Bowl in 2017 with Philadelphia this year, had some issues with 38 and one with Carson Wentz is the starter met with Jeffrey Loria today, and The result is Doug Peterson out of a job. So now seven head coaching openings in the NFL. Is Philadelphia. Now looking Fill a head coaching spot. Doug Peterson has been fired in Philadelphia. Ron Rivera, I'll meet with Dan Satur, either has already happened, or I'll meet the soon this week to lay out his intentions of the roster moving forward and, of course, the quarterback position. National championship game set for tonight. 12 No Alabama against seven and Oh, Ohio State from Miami wizard Sons tonight. Russell Westbrook out for at least a week left quad injury. This on the heels of the Thomas Bryant News the center done for the year with a tornado, A CL and former Merrill. And guard Anthony Cowan. Junior selected 16th overall in the G League draft by the Memphis Hustle, Hustle, or the G League affiliate of the Memphis Grizzlies. Again Doug Peterson out as head coach in Philadelphia toward Wallace, Wtlv Sport Night George up next ideas to help the justice system better serve those most vulnerable. I'm Christi King. It's after traffic and weather to 70 New Year's resolutions. We.

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