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Blessed America with the life and leadership of John Lewis way. Thank you for sharing him with us. May she rest in peace. His body will lie in state into a Wednesday and he'll be buried in Georgia later this week. He died last week at the age of 80 from pancreatic cancer. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown announcing the launch of two new citywide teams that will focus on strengthening community partnerships on the South and West sides. As well as a new team that will focus on large events and protests. Brown says. When they're there has recently been a drain on resource is in the South and west sides of separate and we would commit significant resources in a downtown when protests turned violent. That means the violence on the South side and West sides don't get the diplomas that they deserve and need and want. They were just over 40 50 people shot in Chicago rather over the weekend, the lowest in about a month. WG and sports Here's Kevin Powell Well one weekend into the season in Major League Baseball, already forced to postpone two games after more than a dozen Miami Marlins players and staff members tested positive for the Corona virus. That left the teams stranded in Philadelphia. Marla's home opener against bullets more called off. Yankees scheduled a play at Philly. It means they would have had to use the same a clubhouse as the Marlins. That game is well has been postponed. White Sox play on the road tonight will begin a serious with the Indians. Dylan cease on the mound. Pregame at 5 35 Here on W G. N With Mark Szymanowski, Andy and D. J. With a call it 6 10 in a roster move for the Sox today, they place ready pitcher Reynaldo Lopez on the 10 day injured list with right shoulder soreness. Meanwhile, Carl Hendrix name National League player of the week after his complete game shutout on opening day Cubs visiting Cincinnati tonight. Jon Lester on the mound. The NHL reporting zero players tested positive for the Corona virus last week..

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