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Today show. Were still covering the race in New Hampshire taking a look at the Latino community in the state in hearing from some voters about what they're thinking then trump's new budget and of course some headlines. Today voters in New Hampshire are heading to the polls for the first in the nation primary. The votes are actually going to be counted and people won't have to line up impact gyms than hope a haunted APP collects the Tallis properly. You know the future What's the latest out there? Yeah I hope that's the case. Monday was basically the last day of campaigning for the Democratic candidates they were skirting all around the state. Making their final pitches as we're we and one of the things that made a lot of the messages sound similar was the fact that trump was holding a rally in downtown Manchester so instead of a lot of the candidates spending time contrasting with one another are they had a singular figure to aim their fire at and then Senator Sanders. Who is the person we've discussed that seems to be leading leading the race? A lot of the other campaigns seem to think so pull seem to think so he had this really really large event with and the strokes. Seventy five hundred people were there. The campaign campaign said interesting amount of people that still down with the strokes but okay I disagree but Julian Casablancas have. Whatever I'm still asking? Is this at years later. Anyway bedrock we didn't end up there but we did spend the morning with Sanders. And then Senator Amy Klobuchar and finally Senator Warren and broadly. I think think you know the voters that we talked to were really excited about all the candidates that they had seen or who they are about to see but some are still sort of working through their options nations and it kind of seems like the way that things are going to likely shakeout. This might be a different year than normal. Where after Iowa New Hampshire? You often Z.. Candidates starting to drop out if things aren't coming together and they're struggling in terms of the results from from the states but for now at least a lot of these candidates are saying you know. Even if I'm not doing that great in New Hampshire I'm GONNA move onto Nevada South Carolina in Super Tuesday states. It really could be a situation where they're around five. That are still in the mix around that time I. It's just GonNa depend on what we see in terms of how they're able to still raise money and what the actual results assaults are on Tuesday night very cool. Why I mean you know? Bloomberg hasn't really been tested yet. We know he's spending a ton of money all over the country in traditional media so it things are likely to continue shifting. But we spoken about island New Hampshire being very wide states compared to the rest of the country. And there's this burgeoning immigrant community particularly a national with. Oh so you were there yesterday. What did you learn? Yes as around. Twenty eighteen the Latino population in New Hampshire was something in the realm of four percent small noticeable but small it is growing and the thought is that if elections continued to be close in New Hampshire. It's big enough percentage that these voters could be decisive if they are choosing to participate and who they're choosing to participate four and Nashua a city in southern southern New Hampshire of about ninety thousand. People is one of the primary places where this community is thriving i. It's it's different than a lot of the other cities in the state. We spoke to manny any SPCA a state representative in New Hampshire who represents an area in Nashua so Nashua is the gate city. We are considered one of the most diversities in the state with a pretty significant Latino and South Asian population at our school zero bus sixty two languages that are spoken with a very large minority. Population relate minority almost minority majority population. I mean I love living here. Lived here for five years and have the honor to serve this this city in the state capital yes. He said he'd been there for five years. And that means he was able to compare the last Democratic primary to this one and he said that broadly speaking the campaigns are trying to reach out to these voters. There's you know materials and different languages and sending surrogates that can speak to the community and I asked us. PTO also about the issues that are most important to this community that he serves. I mean housing is a big deal. you know. We're not New York City so we don't have like early Boston or even DC where we have outrageous markets. People here are still worried about housing. We have a very low vacancy rates. And that's something that people worry about in finding affordable housing education And then and also we have the OPIOID crisis which is a big issue? That people are surrounded by so I think those are the three biggest And then here's specifically like you'll see you like immigration will be an issue with families who have mixed addresses so I mean there was there were reports of ice and I've seen ice in this neighborhood so that's also a reality too so yeah well any observations from the day and the voters that you talked to. Yes so we wanted to try to include some of the voices of folks that we spoke to over the weekend at many of the candidates events they speak to what is on their minds. Better than I can. Here's a little taste of of what they were thinking I decided probably within the past month that I was going to vote for so originally I was for Biden and within the past like six months. I really feel like kids kind of let me down as a candidate like. He doesn't feel like he cares. And I feel like Pete cares on so that was really important to me you know. I'm still very young. So I don't really have a fully formed political ideology But right now I see myself kind of attracted towards Elizabeth Warren I I really appreciate her wealth tax. You know I just think it's kind of immoral that we've got you know four people With more wealth than the bottom half of us and yet some of my students are going home hungry at night. Well my wife and I are very involved in helping prevention of drugs and amy asked us. We'll way back in June to be on a panel with her Discussing her views on the OPIOID crisis in New Hampshire I don't know if you're aware of how bad it is in New Hampshire where I think the top three or four states unfortunately on saying top like it's a good thing but for the number of opioid deaths we've been averaging about five hundred year which is just horrible Bernie Sanders without a doubt. He has committed to taking money out of politics. Here's one of the first to bring up Or a race to the national raising the minimum wage to fifteen dollars Here in New Hampshire. We have no minimum wage so it automatically drops to the federal which is seven dollars. Some Twenty Five Cents Aka not type of wage at anybody could live with dignity provide for a family. I work at a food pantry. I see that the economy is not working for people I myself currently have two jobs and if it were not for the support of my partner would not be able afford rent things like this. That was Mikhail strong. In Nashua William Flaherty in Manchester Patrick mccune also in Manchester and Melissa Sandoval from Dover so the the only thing left to say is folks. If you're in New Hampshire get out and vote will be on the ground throughout the day tomorrow and into the night talk to you again. We have some results. I hope.

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