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Jae Crowder more of a man than you are Wow we're doing all week. Is Jae Crowder More of a man than you are not doing the entire week I went back to yesterday will take us through today we have about 10 poles to get through. I think he's hitting 60% on wide open threes, But it's not because of that. It's just look at it is his dad is also more of a man than 78% of the audience said yes. 22% tough guys out there all of you. Yeah. You're marching me much more of a man than Jake Crowder. All ofyou will Bam's block live forever. Good question. 70% of the audience said Yes. 30%. What do you think? Well, People forget Bam's block. If the Heat lose Game two by 17 points. Let's see. There seems that these are not scientific polls, but this one might conflict with the other 1 64% of the audience said Yes, all right, So now we're are seems like everyone's cancel each other out. Think the nation has heat in Game two. Do you know the Larry Bird towel snapping visual. We're talking about so sensual. This's 69% of the audience said Yes. Does Steve Bomber loving amusement park? Course he does. No one loves it more. 88% of the audience said. Yep. Rolling up here. Pablo Greenie Suey awards big fat white phase. Another big, fat white phase. Someone was like kids TV show. Okay, here we go back to the balls that LeBatard show on Twitter should the show be called fits in Spain. 55% of the audience. Yes, she has dared to suggest the question of whether or not the bubble champion should have an asterisk. Oh, she took until she took it out. Should the show be called? It's in pain. 68% of the audience again. That's the first L Sarah's ever taken around here Is Sara's Spain trying to be Sarah Cain. 84% of the audience said yet Did you know that Lions can't roar until they're two years old and you can't make the play offs. 88% of the audience said No. I didn't know that. Did you microwave anything for five minutes? One. 71% of the audience said No. Doesn't matter if I have the Chinese food in there for five minutes, there's always going to be a piece of it. That's still call. You write about that that on the pole show if you keep the Chinese food in the microwave for five minutes is one working cases of pork still going to be called before mix it up, knowing that the rice is usually called and silver. The life of me can't get it. Good job by Billy getting it up there the pole that is getting the pole up there that quickly at Lebatard Show on Twitter. Dan asked the question. We'll answer. It is Bangles versus Browns, A Who's who gave It's early, Dan. But 58% of the audience said Yes, it is. I'm telling you a minute and a half. Take it out, stirred another minute and a half Those three minutes are better than five full minutes without a mid stir. Wow, those of the poles that is amazing. It's still gonna be a cold chunk, something we didn't get to in the show, and there's not really time. Maybe we'll attack it.

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