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Yes stops in Wisconsin and Iowa, both of which voted for President Trump in 2016 and Minnesota, which Hillary Clinton won and has long been a solidly blue state. But it's where the president's making a push in. He will appear there as well today. Despite the Midwestern focus by then figures the race could be decided in the South. Florida goes blue. It's over. It's over. He was in Florida yesterday, as was the president, who also has stops today in Michigan and Wisconsin. Soccer Megane Washington Donald Trump Jr campaigns for his father tonight in Beaver County. At a rally in the average industrial park it Monroe incorporated. Trump Jr will be joined by Republican congressional candidate Sean Parnell and rocker Ted Nugent. That event starts at 6 P.m.. And voters in Greentree and Brett would have recently have received election letters with incorrect information about their polling places. Katie Katie Viets, Lisa Washington tells us what happened now again account. The communications director says the polling locations for voters and district's one and three and green Tree and the district's one and 10 and Brent would have accidentally been transposed by county election staff and a statewide voter data system. No one's counting leaders realized this mistake. They said new letters would be mailed to those voters today. Now that's what I want to state finals would replace at polling locations to make sure voters know where they need to go to cast their ballots. Waters in Plum Borough also received a letter with incorrect pull information. The county is sending another mailing to that area. The European economy grew by an unexpectedly large 12.7% in the third quarter is Cos re opened after pandemic walk downs. But the rebound is being overshadowed by worries growing numbers of infections will cause a new downturn. Two people injured in a rollover accident overnight in Mount Oliver. Two vehicles collided early today in the 100 block of Brown Spill road. One of the cars wound up on its roof with the driver injured and trapped. That man and the other driver. Also injured were taken to a hospital there. Condition's unknown A Buffalo township man who attacked a hockey referee during a game and knew Kensington this month, is getting two years probation and anger management counseling. In a plea deal, Dr Jeremy Gilbert was charged with assault on a sports official. 43 year old was seen on video, pushing Mario daily onto the ice and punching him after a penalty was called on Gilbert for holding daily own called the sentences slap on the wrist and says Gilbert never apologized. President Trump has approved disaster declarations for Louisiana and Mississippi, where hundreds of thousands of people are cleaning up debris and repairing damage done by Hurricane Saito. This woman lives in Gulf Port Mississippi Bounceback state, You know, just like after Katrina didn't think it would bounce back after that, But people's sat through another storm killed six people in the hundreds.

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