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Never going on No se way are Toby and chilly in the morning. It is Monday. 97.1 Wash up and I had to think about that for a minute because all the day's run together, especially after a weekend. I don't know why that is chilly. I noticed that your modeling some sort of sleepwear this morning. Why? Yes, It's a new one. Z pajama with these adorable like polar bears and scarves as a print all over them and buttons down the center. It's really cute, but I'm sure you can guess the issue with it. Yes, when you were a onesie using the bathroom is a process. It's a process, especially the first time you use the bathroom in the middle. You know, in the middle of the night when we get up in the morning, we got to go pretty quick, sometimes and I could barely get these buttons off in time. I was like, Well, this was cute. Maybe I'll just wear this around the house to lounge around in and not overnight. I don't know about these ones. These they make for cute photos from time to time, especially around the holidays when you're matching with your significant other or whatnot, But they're not very practical, No comfy but to your point. It could get dangerous unless I wore adult diapers. In which case Hey, I guess I could have still being chilly in the morning continues. Will Chili choose Depends Which adult diaper will she choose to wear when she rocks the ones he stay with us for this compelling, compelling narrative but still be in chilly in the morning. 97.1 watch FM. Stay there because coming up in a few minutes Producer Kayla's gonna join us like she always does to dispense a bit. Oh, positivity to start the day We call this our morning mindset, and she's got a quote to start off our week. Right now we've got to look at traffic with the great Lisa Beeton. Overnight construction on the Beltway inner loop. If you're leaving Pennsylvania Avenue, heading south to joint base, Andrews one Lane was getting through the project, and they're wrapping it up. For now. Let Loudon.

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