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Even though the wrestlers were great and they had some great stories back then when they started getting their hd net like Weekly television show is just like they lost tyler black. Who is now the Eh he fought Daniel Bryan for like One episode of Danielson Bryan Danielson American dragon chat out and then the stars sort of dissipated and it was so frustrating because they had already had their talent rosser totally rated by WWe which had notice. Everything went to the Nigel McGuinness. It's went to the TA and they had some interesting things. They did there at the time when Nigel McGuinness and the young box went and they change their names. And it's like wait who were Desmond Wolfe and generation me Yeah I didn't understand why they would change those guys names with when they built up great reputations and rustling people still with the young bucks joke joke all the time about generation me young bucks and this is sort of my heartache. I think the young bucks when people talk about the Pantheon everyone everyone does like these lists and it always seems just so weighted towards a pass because people get nostalgic and remember what the what things were like when they were growing up. I honestly think that young bucks are absolutely in the conversation grace tag team of all time. I agree with the work that they've done. Really I think to contemporary acts. Stick out its young bucks and new day because a new days really unlike any tag team. Well there's three guys in the temptation they haven't I like that. They've never sort of broken up and it's so easy to go that especially when Kofi goes on a singles around it so easy to do the played out sort of rockers storyline like I hope they keep them as a unit and happy. It's all power positively and I would really hate to see that disbanded but right up there with with the new day in terms of like match-quality the young bucks I think simply cannot be touched right now that is a major guys actually like market them as like a top line star which is so great to see with tag team wrestling. Like there's going to be a w cards were tag team and you've done it with dynamite but pay per views big time pay reviews were the tag team. Championship is a main yet. I mean some of the best matches we've had native of absolutely been the tag team matches and the young bucks and the loser. Brothers helped put the company on the map. You Watch that match The the The ladder match that they had any part of you is like I gotta worrying about protecting my investment here because there were are some bumps in there that were really mad took one that was just genuinely like is. He arrived at the table. Here it's going to be okay. Do you have conversations with this. I know you guys had a rather controversial storyline. With cody. Rhodes taking a chair shot. That wasn't as this story. Yeah the the idea of somebody taking a chair in wrestling. Isn't that shocking shocking. Talking now when you see like a a a chair being delivered to the head in American wrestling because wwe sort of there were a number of things about the execution of that that we're not the way it was supposed to be we don and now so i. I was pretty clear at the time I caught reduce pilot error. Because I thought we had come up with you know I didn't necessarily want anybody using it in the first place but if they were going to do it they were GonNa do it under certain guidelines and those guidelines were not followed. I understan- all that chair shots and sort of blood. That sort of reminds me of like at the E. W J's and there safer ways to do that. Yeah I was looking I WANNA be safer than he. Cw and that was supposed to be safer and that was It was not done the way it's supposed to be and it was addressed do you. You think that's something lacking not for the sake of doing it but I even had anything like that sense by the way since I that was our second show we'd ever done and it was before we started TV and it was. It was fighter fast and it was the second show done and you know I like I said it was addressed after that and I haven't anything like that. Since Moxley Omega had a very violent match you think there's a place for that sort of style when it comes to modern day wrestling storytelling on pay per view. I think there is You know for that. That kind of wrestling You know the hard core fans absolutely. I think there is as an audience for that and I wouldn't put a match like the Moxie Omega Lights out match on television but I think on pay per view the way it was done where we said like okay. Ah We're flipping the lights out and we're not responsible for what you see here. This is the end of the show and you know as far as the kids are concerned laughter. Cristiano versus cody. You can put him to bed. I really really liked that. You'd literally that's a cliche. Put the kids to bed. Match was actually quite funny. One more question for you because I know you gotta go here. I don't know it's What was come back? This is come on. I love to come back double or nothing. There seems as there's temple show in Chicago every year for the first couple years of your double or nothings in Vegas okay. I'm sorry. Yeah there was all out. Yeah there was all in and then it was all out it seems as though that's like the tentpole And then double or nothing came on the scene. Is that going to be like the sort of Wrestlemainia Wrestlemainia of all the double or nothing in Las Vegas. Is that the plan that we've got a big four right now that we were building around we've done set the the kid in you the wwe. Because when I was growing up survivor series royal rumble wrestlemainia Summer Slam. Sure I think there's you know if that helps you know I'm just no I A major the big. We've got the majors exactly the Grand Slam Golf and tennis. You got the big everything has four. I don't I think the end there's room for other are great shows too. I think these are four. We've established and we have other. You know I also I'd like to do you know fighter fast again and we've built up a big four though. Oh and it's you know double or nothing in Las Vegas Memorial Day weekend all out In the Chicago area which is Labor Day weekend. And then you you know in November. We've done full gear this past year. Which went great in Baltimore and I'm not sure as opposed to double or nothing being an all out where I really think those are going to stay around the Vegas in Chicago area? I'd like to go back to Baltimore for full gear. Believe not locked in a location for full gear. So that could that could be that could be a show that kind of moves around potentially but They've we had a great experience in Baltimore and then Also we've got a big show coming up that sold out minutes which were doing for the the first time in February twenty-ninth leap day in Chicago. It will be our next big pay per view revolution and that's going to have a huge huge huge card and it'll be the first time we've done revolution so who knows where that will fit in the hierarchy of this but I do think it's going to be huge. You'd show for US revolution. I'd like to be able to do it every year. But this is the first time we've done it let's Seattle goes it's in conjunction AC- too. It's pretty cool because I'm from Illinois. We've done all out and an episode of dynamite in the Schaumburg area area Hoffman estates the sears centre which is a suburb of Chicago and people are always like. Oh you've done to shows in Chicago we've never done a show in Chicago but revolution is is in Chicago at the wintrust arena. So we'll actually be debut in the city wrestling crowd on the way out here. I'd like to convince you to do a show at craven cottage. Just Mary. All the world's I would I'd love to do it. I've actually been to craven cottage with the box. Actually and we looked at it. and IT'S A it's a big venue and a big outdoor venue and when when we do our debut and show in England. I'm not sure the cause you'll be the first place you'd want. We'd go but it would be a great place to a wrestling any day. Any day I can spend at. The cottage is a good. It's such a classic venue and it'd be so called the C O wrestling show at the cottage. It'd be All Time I can't thank you enough for being so generous with your time. I know you gotta go. Hopefully occasionally when he got a big I shall we can get together and catch up and maybe talk about your product a little bit more because Fan of what you guys around this Wednesday she go to the show..

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