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You pitcher on, for Omaha Six three right hander Scott Barlow takes over four Sam Selman sky SOX three to tab. Of the fifth inning game one of a double header Tyler salad Dino who began that three run rally in the fourth inning with a double leads it off here and takes high ball one right hand to run. Right hander Salman goes one third giving up. No runs to his butt surrender those To run producing hits to. Band Blanco Salad Dino paps. It up into short rate going out the second baseman Jack Lopez. Gives way to the right fielder Donnie do we make the catch a few feet away from the From the infield. Solid skies to right one out that'll bring up tyrod Taylor Taylor is over to twice he has bounced a short Barlow Pairing for equal. Time second in relief one and four Six three. Seventy IRA has. One Sade pitches. A strength to Taylor righty. On righty Barlow and forty one innings says surrender forty nine hits including nine home runs. Struck out forty to walk nineteen Big right hander brings. It home strike on the outside corner with a slider own too Barlow with the two strike pitch to Taylor tat foul behind the plate Barlow has been primarily started this, year with the storm chasers Taylor takes outside ball one one and two the bingo Santana ondeck Scott barlow Delivers, and Taylor shoots it into right center field for a bay city crossed up the ship by going the other way they had the over shift on around the infield and, Taylor said take that Seeing more and more guys make the adjustment at the plate with the over shift going the other, way Taylor Gets the job done there with a one out single in the next hitter is Domingo Santana Santana is over to coming in with a nine game hitting streak hearing game one right hander against right hander I fell back on a fastball at ninety four Barlow at a Texas are cana- Arkansas Twenty five years old in his. Eighth year his first with the royals signed. As a minor league free agent in December Throw.

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