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Like what did you see. You see that entire most. It is crazy. It is grazie so are these homemade like muscle has do. This is what they do. I don't know they they can get on from all places like they actually five hundred milligrams thousand milligram animals. I like candies are chocolate. They actually can they real candies. Because some people like some cv. Edibles look like it. Got the peg on taste like we often do not taste like we. And they got a whole different packets. They don't actually do. I actually might do. I think. I do gotta dig gotta dig advocation shut up. I've been traveling. i see. yeah shut up. I just got back on. Allah live and that's three different colors. Water in realized that i was doing wrong in my life was doing wrong in my life and i realize a lot of ocean is bloom but it's five different blues like the like you did you think is as regular blue like airway. You got the tax you know on the virgin islands. Every single color of the water you can see every way adults are colored. And i was like what they got licenses at. The bottom of the war colors are looking. Like i'll i'll tell you. What the water. Five different color blue. You can see to the but you can see this in you go snorkeling. You see the fish floating the rocks. And i'm looking like off scot award will. I can't either touch it a lot of almost swimming for some reason. I don't know how you'll swim. Which is now like all year. These these these alad females are swimming day. Sweated saying no is crazy. Now is i need to see the edibles. I gotta find him as me looking at it was it was like the view down there. I can't even. It is nice and then we had like a like a metro style. Airbnb on top of the island. So you see the whole view and alan and alan. There's only like thirty two miles long. That's insane yikes down scary. Here isn't all mountain's say left. Those added a row sound so weird to me and it's normal to them. I know it's weird. It's probably our to adjust today. Driving while i was like. But it's like scary when you get to the turn to stop light so how you used to 'cause it's like is like it make it make sense why we drive the way we drive over here. You can see your blind spots. You cannot see no blockbuster. I have no way they drive down. You gotta you gotta look like that in a confident come around it does and just crazy like no not a fan of the plane right to the virgin islands buffalo six six hours. It's not a it's not a bad player. I'm you go hit though here destroyed. The saint thomas is kind of like is not bad. And then i found out Puerto rico and you're like seventy two miles away but you gotta swim and you can't swim out on a boat. Those i can get on the boat. I can do all the what activities but swimming is not the one so when you ski you fall in the water. You can't do. I ain't got let go. I'm attached to and like glue of dusky flip. We skip we flipping over together. I'll be right back up on the scheme giving.

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