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To fill the state Senate seat of Sylvia Garcia, officially resigned from the state Senate seat Friday after she was elected to congress earlier in the week. State Representative Carol Alvarado and Anna Hernandez are running to replace Garcia new leadership. Could mean big changes for Harris County, elections Hughley elected Harris County clerk, Diane Trautmann, says she wants to replace the county's electronic voting machines with better ones and allow voting at any precinct on election day, trauman defeated longtime cork stand standard in last week democratic sweep of the county the current voting machines made. By a company called east slate have been in use for about eight years, but have been known for some occasional hiccups standards office estimates replacing the more than eighty one hundred machines countywide would cost about seventy five million dollars. Coriolis at NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h campfires in northern California. Now the deadliest wildfire in state history. Officials in Butte county reportedly added six deaths to the fire raising the death toll to twenty nine in the fire near the town of paradise with two hundred twenty eight people in the areas still unaccounted for captain Steve Kauffman of Cal fire spoke about the number of evacuees in northern California. Approximately fifty two thousand people evacuated and thirteen hundred thirteen hundred and eighty five people sheltered at this point as of last check thirty one people have been killed statewide James harden did with James harden does the beard put up forty points in the rockets. One fifteen one zero three win over the Pacers at the Toyota center Sunday. They will take on the Denver Nuggets. Tonight's that game will be hurt here or excuse me, Tuesday rather game. What we heard here on KTAR HR next update is at twelve thirty. I'm Eric sharp. Newsradio seven forty KTAR age. Forty five percent of women survey chose an open GYN procedure. Because they're OBGYN said their condition was too complex for a.

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