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This is what's happening in the world right now this is what I'm going to talk about. Don't like it. Don't listen like it. Keep listening like it. Tell me don't like it don't tell me. Too Simple as that. Generally my philosophy though if you. Is a good life philosophy actually if you like. What I do or say. Tell me. I love that. Tell me. If, you don't like what I do or say. Don't tell me. The other big piece of news call it that from last week for me personally. Was this ad or I don't even can you call it that that? Matthew mcconaughey did. For some fucking whiskey that he? Why is he like a spokesman for everything? He's a spokesman for a few kinds of cars spokesman for few kinds of whiskey. What's up you know? Why he's just a professional fucking spokesman is even is he an actor anymore? Anyway this is. This is this is Matthew mcconnahey here in an ad for I believe it's long branch whiskey. Oak and mosquitoes were throwing apart at the Lake House this weekend. Go. Being..

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