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Conviction before having to overturn this month by an appeals court district judge Donna king says Kelly is now officially exonerated with the full weight of the law and provision for justice as much as humanity can provide the Kerry your burden under the law proving your innocence kings official ruling now opens the door for a wrongful conviction pay up to Kelly of two hundred and forty thousand dollars the city of Austin will consider purchasing any motel that comes up for sale it's been a couple weeks now since the city council approved the purchase of the roadway and off I thirty five year old to work and it's become an idea council seems to like so much a new memo from city staff is now recommending the consideration of purchase of any hotel or motel with a for sale sign out front each motel would be assessed based on things like overall condition number of rooms and plumbing those too close to school for example would be ruled out according to this year's head count conducted by the ending community homelessness coalition one thousand and thirty seven people are currently living on sheltered in Austin that's because more news radio guilty Jack and with the holiday season the arch homeless shelter sees a massive boost of volunteerism the arches Amy prices several families want to volunteer thanksgiving day and I would say that they should spend thanksgiving with their families and let's book a time with them when it's cold and dreary and we don't have three hundred people calling to come down here prices though they like to see that level of public support she wishes folks would try to spread it out over the rest of the year she recommends folks looking to serve give the archer call after the beginning of the new year your kale BJ radar weather watch nine sixty three mostly cloudy tonight low forty nine from the weather.

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