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Subtle little some africa game tonight. You know just basically what. I you guys here. We got eighteen games. Let time role you know. We know we're capable of. And i feel like they've been saying time all week and rolled. They've lost so we'll see if they can turn things around these next thirteen games. I should i i understand. This is how if they go on. I could nine thirteenth streak. Now all of a sudden we'll be talking about okay now. They're ready to go. You're right you're absolutely. They might be and might be their year. Who knows not god who series. It was in miami jazz chisholm. Who beat the mets again. Last night chisholm. It's a high fly ball right field. It's deep and it is long gone into the second deck jazz chisholm. As given the marlins the lead a homerun the question is how far to travel. Four hundred feet on that chas gypsum junior home. Run his head. Now you're it down because otherwise you run through too quick and it ends up being chaz chisholm. That's the way it is. Yeah poor guy. Yeah louise ross. Why is your team terrible in one run lately after being really good for much of the season there's been a mix of things i think Play a little bit of a role. Yeah you think that's been part of the problem pita lonzo that leadoff triple. Don't get him in. I think that was the seventh inning. And so the mets lose they fall under five hundred. Seventy and seventy one tonight. you've got jordan. Montgomery and tyler mcgill in the subway series opener. All the action here on the fan at six thirty. Bobby valentine with and maggie today coming up at twelve noon so health throughout the first. Pitch with mike. Piazza it's tomorrow saturday. So you've got that okay now A moment of the day. We're gonna before we get the moment of the day so boomer would like we've got sean Is it more ash rash. Yes aware supposed to pronounce rash showing more ashes here from the da. Show and sean. More ash is someone who also played offensive line at a high school in suffolk county. Long island like me currently plays center in the long flake. Football league playing flag football center for flag football team so so When boomer wants us to do something we have to do something. So we are now me you an hour involved in this. Now come on here. So i don't know if we're going to have enough space here. We're going to have your own. I see that helmet fits your head a doubt. It does look at golf and football players. Real full all right so this is what he would like protecting you rushing and al snapping him the ball. Now i don't think we can't do it in here. We're going to have to do it in a break. I know that. I'm just making sure snapping the ball and then song playing the role of evita by sicily. Yes yeah how's it so You're getting pissed you. That's what we're going to have to do in in the break. So i get the sack boomer if you can get past me if i mean. He's yours than mad paired. I'm getting past. I haven't done anything like this in a very long time. Playing football alka aspirin. Yes i mean. I wouldn't call it dominance all right very good all right so we're doing this in the break. All right. but you're in helmet fits you and everything. Yeah i just got to spend the next even. It's finishing my own show but yes okay all right all right very good. Oh this offer. Digits for digital horowitz. Well keep the helmet on. Yeah let me do moment of the day and then we can take a break. I don't know however you wanna work this because we got picks and now all we'll probably have to do it in a break all right. Go ahead momentous. Moment of the day brought to you. By casa migos tequila casa migos tequila brought to you by those who drink earlier this morning. Alan eddie were trying to figure out the coffee order when it came up from starbucks. Look at these guys. Examining coffees in the control room. Here like there's some sort of code to crack the two of them. We're just wondering which one was for me. You and i get the same. You and i get asked and answered. Don't have our usual situations. I know it is so distracting. Algae looking at the cup like this. he's staring at. It is if there's like you know some sort of code like some sort of jack pocket app code. There is going to win the mega millions. Is it this one. That eddie comes over. And he's He's pointing at is vanilla. Triple home is they dictate. One's mind the extra sugar cream. Wrigley is it picks. Please guys enjoy your weekend back very good. Thank you jerry. Does quicksand work so slowly question. Everything we did. 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It's how michigan businesses worked together and continue to build the future our expertise talented workforce and collaborative environment are making a difference. Now and shaping the future. Join us and make your mark where it matters. Visit michigan business dot org slash radio to put your plans in motion. That's michigan business dot org slash radio the morning show with boomer esiason gregg giannotti boomer and geo the former and geo friday football picks. And they're brought to you by fans sportsbook america's number one sports book and the officials sports book of wfan. This is how we're going to do it all right so you won the last and it to bring up the that i have boomer has increased boomer and come. I've come in second all three years. It's a make or break year for you. You think you know that it's a baker break here from it in the picks. This is a maker break okay. This is the way we're going to do it. We're going to pick the genton giant game with the spread every single week. Then we're also going to pick three other games that we deem important or spreads that we like and this year because fan sports got so many great wagers in different profits or each picking one prop bet that we liked that will keep score of separately from the game. All right. So jerry recco. Where do we start five games here. We go three out of town. We start at orchard park buffalo. The site bills taking on the steelers buffalo minus six and a half. I know vekua loves the steelers. The plus the six and a half. But i really don't like this team. I was screaming about ben roethlisberger retiring. I know that they got the t. J. watt deal done. And that's going to have some at least good momentum for them but if the bills are going to the super bowl. They're winning this game. By more than touchdown at home. Gimme the buffalo bills minus.

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