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Of the original 13 colonies did. George Washington live. Delaware What's the official term used for someone who's equally skilled with both hands? Ambidextrous, which TV network airs new episodes of the Walking Dead on AMC. What female figure skater was the first American The land to triple axels in a single competition. Honey Hardy Lake Okeechobee is the largest lake in which Southern State I'm gonna go Florida. All right, answers or in time to go to the scoreboard and find out how you did with Jose. I knew that she was gonna be smoking hot by the time she was seven years old. That wrong road? Yeah, that is horrible. Melania's play that one correct today. Uh, okay. Graham, hold on to that last win on broad. Yeah. You got five. Correct. My brain was ambidextrous today. Graham's hands were full during this. So you know what? Give me a pass. All right. Men are terrible at multitasking. We're not very good. Let's go over the answers for everybody here somewhere else. There is fat Tuesday. That's also known as Mardi Gras. George Washington lived in Virginia. Oh, I knew that when you say yeah. And the term that that's used for somebody who's equally skilled with both hands is ambidextrous. The walking dead Ares new episodes on AMC had 10 seasons of that show so far. Female figure skater That was the first American to land to triple axels in a single competition was Tonya Harding. Oh, my God, If you haven't seen the movie I Tanya highly recommend. Yeah. Lake Okeechobee is the largest lake in Florida 730 square Miles. So Graham. I'm sorry. No cash today, but just for playing. You won a $25 jersey Mike's gift card and my favorite thing to get a jersey Mike's for wondering glad you asked. I like a nice foot long loaf of bread soaked overnight and vinegar. Yeah, and then in the morning, I wring it out like a wet towel. Eyeball it up into something that I like to call.

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