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Today. eleven a. on this Monday. and we're talking about this decision. a formative decision by the Miami falls school district to ask their residence their parents what they think about. they're Indians mascot in the course the it's not just the the mascot imagery that's using your your show me during the break you looked on our website and there's a couple different things going on there right right like a an aft with some others that come off from it and then of course there's just like the image of Black Hawk and that's there and so I I hate to have to take the feathers away I mean I do have to revamp everything can you just have the father's Kenya I don't know I am really not very clear on this whole and I I don't wanna make anybody feel bad but at the same time I don't know where it stops for the common arguments a and I agree with you when the common arguments is why do we assume that the Indians terminology imagery is meant to be negative maybe it's a celebration of that culture I I have to agree a look at our state history for Pete's sake look at our city name exactly I mean you don't have to go very far hello economy walk Milwaukee might wanna go there's there's a significant number of Indian ties to our city names now you can argue that's that's not really in the same direction of reference yeah maybe but it shows that we have we don't have a history in the state of saying we we we don't want to have any connection to our native American community that's clearly not the case it's a it's a legitimate question every school district should answer especially after the call the Wausau school district all the school district to say we don't want to do this all to me this is going to be a a legal decision at the state level we'll have to wait but then you have to do you have to go on a dress the college and you have to go on dress the NFL well Cleveland Indians right Washington Redskins exactly go Blackhawks right the list is long right is an offensive yea or nay four one four seven nine nine one six twenty let's go to a carrier and I'm he falls into the T. M. J.. hi I am my neck my say is may say why Xfinity. Indians for mascot for our sports teams here Menomonee falls it's not a derogatory thing it is an honor and the Indians were the first settlers in Menomonee falls and sold the school's name their mascot in honor of our settlers I've heard that story before yes and mad and that's an absolutely crucial thing so why a we would have to change and and I and I I just really feel that all this commotion about this is. jump on the bandwagon in this country process find something that is that they're going to say is is negative something be offended by. hi I need something they can be a for easily offended by. please I mean people can be offended you can be offended by anything if you want to be that's a great one I mean I I I see no this is not meant to give fans native Americans well that's not true under them yes not to not to have you predict the future but your your your fellow residents in my many faults are being asked this question by the school district how do you think that's going to come out. well you know what. I'm not sure I hope it comes out where we can keep the Indian mascot now I think that people today are sold quickly to be negative and find fault with something and I think that in Menomonee falls were getting a lot of newer younger. generation resident here yes so are seem to be more liberal then what. the village was. originally had somewhere where things were things really meant something to them in their village and and I think that kind of isn't the way anymore so I'm not sure how this is going to come out. I appreciate you calling in listening as well I mean that somebody who lives in Menomonee clearly she feels it obviously you can hear her voice just next to the store it's and that is this because that I'd never heard that story before so there's you know you learn something new every day so I think that's a story that really needs to come out and be made public so people can understand we got one more let's see Luanne from west Allis halo interview TMZ. I graduated in nineteen sixty seven Menomonee falls north and whenever the subject comes up I guess it kind of ruffled my others a little bit because I was a major at the high school band and we did a dance at all health claims and sometimes when we were in praise we would stop and do this dance of those like the typical native American circle dance but we had a full feathered headdress and people were just felt bonded by at and it was meant to honor the native Americans it wasn't meant to run Tory at all we were honoring them in their culture yeah in the in the in the terminology that we use and thanks for the call when calling from west I was at the time yes was more than appropriate night we've kind of scene that more overtime than non native Americans the term that that's commonly used and I think most of that committee kind of ask for that that terminal yes I've and I you know I think that I am I'm with these two ladies that we just had and I think sometimes we just read way too much into it I I I can guarantee you you know this this area Steve nobody here is out to offend anybody you don't want yeah it's just not our nature it's it's not but again we have to at least consider what's have actually I applaud the Mountie falls school district I know they have a great superintendent out there for at least asking the question now the elderly they're gonna decide what they want to sign should there be a state law that that's a much different process and and as we know when you get to that level everything is is filtered by politics it takes for ever yes and you know whether that's the right answer or not there are thirty one schools in the state who have held on to these nicknames are these images for a reason I heard from a couple caller just said it's our history we don't mean anything by it might take a break we'll come back to the call we got cat from Menomonee falls he can it's directly asking the residents what they should do after the regulator WTMJ. you're listening to this tape skivvies show on WGN. you're in charge of hiring and indeed has solutions like online skills tests which led a candidate show that they're the right hire we'll also have a dolphin chatter excitedly in front of the perfect candidate. no okay there's no dolphin but skills test that's for sure see why independent research by Silk.

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