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That. First of all, he got to move on from Bob Bratkowski as his offensive coordinator. And if Mormon, Lewis wore out his welcome, Bratkowski sure did then, too. Committed to not bringing Carson Palmer back. They were just going to let him sit and snu. Goes out drafts. Dalton drafts green. All of a sudden you got five playoff teams did. Marvin won a playoff game here? No, we know that. But we also know He had some pretty good teams and pretty good run along the way. So 2015 rolls around. You know, the Bengals are still cooking. They make the playoffs, but they make the decision to move on from Andrew Whitworth and Kevin Zeitler, and they think that said Drago Boy, he Who was that cat's name that they drafted in the second round. Fisher, right? They thought those two guys were going to be life after Zettler and and, uh and Whitworth and those two guys couldn't block the door. I'm shocked that old boy he is still in the league. 2017. They took John Ross John Ross. Think about that. John Ross might be the biggest whith in draft history, and they've had some whiffs. Dude was so bad that his last year here they were putting him at cornerback in practice to see if they could salvage him. There couldn't run routes couldn't remember routes didn't fight for contested balls. Now, listen. This dude may go to New York with the Giants and light it up. Don't think so. Why did up Billy Price, another guy? Happen to think Billy Price is going to be a good player this year for a number of reasons. It's his contract year. And he's reunited with the guy that was here when he was drafted. Frank Pollock. Frank Pollock is the offensive line coach. I think he's the X factor on this team. Think this offensive light is going to be better because they've added wryly Reef and Jackson Carmen. I think it's going to be better because I think Jonah Williams is going to be a much better player under Pollock. Trey Hopkins. Hopefully, sounds like he's going to be okay with his knee will see Camp opens here in about three weeks. But I think Pollock is the guy that makes that different. Now in in Zach Taylor's case, he had a chance to hang on to Frank Pollock and decided not to. We brought in Jim Turner. And that was that did not work out well. But I look at what I look at what he's dead. So far in in going In those two seasons 6 25 and one I look at that. And I said, Okay, the first year it was Marvin Lewis Group, right. He had a lot of guys that were on the back nine. And slowly and surely he weeded those players out Now the team didn't play well. We got to last year. We get to last year they draft Joe Burrow. Everybody's excited about Joe Burrow Cus the year before sucked, and we all knew that Andy Dalton wasn't going to be the answer. Quite frankly, Andy Dalton should have not been the answer. For 2017 on I should have taken Patrick Mahomes, but that's all different story. Well, No, I know that Dalton was their starting quarterback in 2017. But where was he in 2019 there there 56 games in the season. He's benched. They're going with Ryan Finley. But they draft and it all. And so all of a sudden that offense takes on a different dimension, and the team takes on a different feel. Now they they lost to the Chargers in the opener, Miss Field goal by Randy Bullock. They play the Browns close. They play Brown's within five. They have that overtime game with Philadelphia, which was a disaster, but it's at Philly. Had a chance to win that. They beat Jacksonville they had no shot at Baltimore. They put 21 up on Indianapolis and then they run out of gas, and they wound up losing 31 27. Cleveland comes here. They lose by three the go back to Paul Brown Stadium and beat the Titans. Okay, Steelers beat them. They get two week 11. Week 11. And I remember this because everybody at this radio station that does a sports show was saying the same thing. Before the Washington game. Hey, Washington. Washington was no good. The Giants were pathetic. The Dolphins were struggling. It was at Miami. There was going to be a tough game, but it was the Dolphins. Then the Cowboys. The Cowboys were horrible. So you're looking at going into that Washington game. You got four games four games. And you're thinking of yourself with Joe Burrow. There's a really good chance they could win three of those four, maybe all four. But we know what happened to burrow in Washington. So You go back and you look at a team. That finished last year 4 11 and one You take three losses away. Now, all of a sudden, you got eight losses. You put three losses to the good Now all of a sudden, you're 781. Does this conversation even happen? If Joe Burrow is under center, answering the bell. From the Washington game forward. I don't I don't I don't think it even happens, but what happens with a lot Of national writers. Is that they look at a situation and they apply universal logic to it. And universal logic. When it comes to the 10 year of a head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals does not apply or Marvin Lewis would have been gone in 2008. He would have been gone in 2017. But what if the Bengals are nothing? When they come to their head coaches. They are patient. And so I can't see. Unless this team absolutely tanks this year, and I don't see that happening. I think Pittsburgh I think is the pits. I think that team they got good defense. I think that team is going to struggle mightily to score points. You've got a quarterback pushing 40 you have you think the offensive line here was bad last year? They have no offensive line. None that three starters go either to free agency or retirement. They're they're cooked. I think on offense. Yeah, they drafted a running back in in the first who's going to block for him? I don't think the Bengals are going to tank. I actually think the Bengals are going to be more than competitive. I think the Browns and the Ravens when it's all said, and done are going to be slugging it out for The A F C North. But I don't think you're going to see another two win season here. 31 season so exact Taylor Can take what he's gotten. And flip it around. And instead of winning just four games, maybe the guy win 78. He's coming back. Because he has Joe Burrow. He has a much better offensive line coach. His defense on the offensive on the defensive line, especially has been the entire defense has been rebuilt. But look what they've done on the defensive line. FC North's a tough division. And it's not going to be eagle. Easy to eek out wins. This is the time of the year when you hear a lot of people, particularly national people Talk about something hot seats this scene. Marvin Lewis is on the hot seat so much when he was here. So many times from so many writers swear the guy had to get skin grafts on his rear end..

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