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Of someone that's black right when I get pulled over I, am not worried about anything. Bad happened to me I've said this before I. said it on my podcast with Haberman. Today I've been pulled over before. Definitely in my twenties, bet aggressive with the police officer. It didn't cross my mind. That there was a situation that get could get out of control. I didn't even think that way. And that's an element that I I think all of us that are white. People can't relate to. I cannot relate though I completely understand it, and by this point in time with videos and everything we've seen over the last several decades, but definitely the last decade with camera phones. Everything we've seen you realize Jesus. It's a different world. And I I. Think we all understand the frustration and I'm not a politician. I have no clue I really for the most part despise politics, because as we see with everything from corona to now where we're at with the looting in everything, everything is so divisive. Where and this is I've really been thinking about this over the last forty eight hours. One of the last things in this country that. Kind of agrees with in agrees on now you might have. We might choose to root for different teams, but sports does bring us together. And because of the corona virus, and literally everything shut down in America in terms of the Games, and there are no games. Obviously, football would not be played, but only as would be would have media members going to practice interviewing these players. And Sports and definitely football, but I'd say. Sports in general is one of the greatest areas in this country where people from all. Poor. People, rich people middle class people. People of all ethnic backgrounds people from all over the place religious views everything under the sun in football locker room, especially now in the off season you got ninety guys in a football locker and I think we'd all agree you put ninety people together in any walk of life. They're all going to have different thoughts and views. Percentage of every of the ninety people. And we're not getting that and we are getting a lot of athletes that are tweeting and doing everything they possibly can, but because we don't have sports, there is a you feel it I. Missing Void Right now in this country, and I'm not saying that it would solve these problems and I'm not saying that corona hadn't existed everything we saw over the last forty eight hours would not have happened I. Think it's safe to say it. One hundred percent would've. Probably, everything would have been the exact same as of recording this now and I get uncomfortable sometimes, and I was like this during corona..

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