Steve Futterman, World Wide Fund For Nature, President Trump discussed on WBBM Morning News


World's wildlife. But a new report by the World Wide Fund for Nature finds there are many, many reasons his correspondent Steve Futterman, It's a frightening report. The organization says the wildlife population around the world is in a catastrophic decline of free fall. The organization's chief executive, describes it, and many species are in danger of becoming extinct. In the last 50 years, populations have fallen by two thirds. Part of this is do the loss of habitat lands used by wildlife. Growing smaller and smaller. Poaching is also a problem, and the loss of wildlife could have other ramifications, disrupting critical ecosystems. Steve Futterman, CBS News journalist, Bob Woodward's new book claims The president knew about the dangers of Corona virus in February, even though he never said so. Publicly. The president on Fox News last night, defended that decision. We don't want to be jumping up and down and going while don't panic. I'm a cheerleader for this country and I don't want to see Paddock in London. A hearing for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange changes extradition to the U. S. Has been suspended because one of the lawyers may have been exposed to the Corona virus. US jobless claims held steady last week, Layoffs remain elevated six months after the pandemic began. CBS's jail Schlessinger, another 884,000 Americans claimed unemployment benefits in the week ending September 5th the exact same amount from the week prior, which was revised higher and checking the early numbers on Wall Street before the opening. Dow futures are now higher.

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