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Pauline, and Artem and I said like, I'm all this was fun. I liked it. It felt organic. I'm okay with it. Because he needs something to jump start them. Great. But now, I'm almost mad at that. Because it feels like it led to all of this right last night. How do you feel about what happened yesterday between Artem and Polly do feel like it was it was fun? It was organic or do you think it was contrived, and you're rolling your eyes at it? Is it okay? To say both. I do think it was contrived. I did roller is what I saw it. But it's also fun. It's hard, you know. And it's it's it's the best thing that could happen for both of their careers, quite frankly, I mean Polly wants to fight it. Which clearly does he signed a deal with our knuckle? If he wants to fight, Artem. Yeah, we can do that. And we can we can all laugh at it. And look at it for what it is. And that's fine. You know, kudos to both guys for for generating interested in, you know, for for creating that type of moment. There's nothing wrong with that. You know, what we're talking about Connor is is just different, you know, and obviously Connor Connor. He's held to a different standard than I think both guys. Like, I said both those guys no disrespect them their report point in their career where? Yeah, have a little fun to do something like that. But Connor is still arguably, you know, theoretically, the prime of his career any of us sitting here would probably say that that maybe he's one of the top ten pound for pound fighters in the world, but we kinda don't know anymore just because of you know, his activity and all of this uncertainty about what his future looks like. I'm gonna I'm gonna say something here that will probably while up all the hubby people. But I think how you've had an opportunity to kill this. How had an opportunity to to to take the higher road. And I, and I don't I don't mean to say that you know, we're giving Connor a pass, and he can say whatever he wants to you know, we're gonna criticize Hoppy for responding. But but he had an opportunity there to just be the bigger guy, and he had it back back in October as well when when he wanted to fight, and I understand everything that is done, and I sympathize for it, and I I don't I'm not gonna sit here and criticize him for it. But I will say that I do wish that Habib had had treated this whole situation differently. I wish you would've taken higher. I wish you wouldn't have gone suspended by the Vada. I wish he would have done what he said he was gonna do. And then he was going to bring order back to this lightweight division. When he was a champion. Things are going to be different. If I were division move again, he was going to bring back some of some type of order to the sports gonna fight. Tony Ferguson noted that civic fighters out of his control, but he was going to sort of get things back onto out of the corner. World, you know, and the big opportunities where he's had a chance to do. So he has chose to drive it further into the Connor world. And that that's that's been disappointing to see has been disappointing actions from both guys appreciate the inset. No, you have to run and do an interview right now. So we will let you go. We'll talk to you next week. All right. Yep. Good time talking to you guys next week right there. Brel Komodo wanna get your response to that. Sandy, what do you think that is a very interesting point on his part? He can you know, bite his tongue. He can't take the high road. I'm reminded of a quote from the great Michelle Obama when she said, you know, when they go low we go. Hi, I do sympathize as someone who comes from a Middle Eastern background in is religious to degree making fun of religion wives. I mean, these are deeply personal things..

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