Dallas, $14,000, Josh discussed on The Ramsey Show


Would be okay. And there's nothing wrong with that at all. And so I got dibs on that. You know that. That's a if you're going to if you would allow me to. I would consider that awesome because it means so much. To me. But just because it was your childhood, Uh, summer vacation. And it's emotional does not give you any rights. You're not a zero entitlement on that. Sorry, Josh is that's my opinion. And you asked it. Josh is in Dallas. Hey, Josh, how are you? Sochi days. Another question about trading in my vehicle, So I've purchased a burning truck November last year and traded in my truck. Um, the dealership contacted me a couple weeks ago or last week, and they wanted to buy my chuck back with the shortage of vehicles. So 26 on it right now. Um, I made a really good trade on it and got a lot of equity and oh, 26 Now, one off me 41,000 cash right now, Would you pay for it? I paid like 42 5. Wow. Yeah, Great. Uh, Was it worth? Yeah. What is Kelley Blue Book says says Um, that's what I did online. Coble callable trading and it said that it was worth 40. But then whenever I want to talk to the dealership, they said they would give me 41. Yeah, and that's trade in by the way, that's not private sales, so I think you probably get a look. I think you push them get a little more out of it. Do you want to sell it? Um, well, here's the thing. So my wife and I took on some debt, uh, from a child custody case of $14,000 from a attorney fees, so we're working on paying it off. What's your household income?.

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