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Nixon Clinton, Richard Nixon, White House discussed on The Al Franken Podcast


Great one today for range Elizabeth drew someone who has covered three now impeachment processes Nixon Clinton and anyone except Julie Eisenhower and it'll be close did you know that connection bathroom I'm trying to think of what that would consist of a consists of three photos that my brother is a photos journalist took when he was about to get in the helicopter and he was doing vis vis yes yeah and so he took three pictures which are interesting because you see kind of what the posture of the fords are and the other people there and I think that's a great scene yeah so I got three of his pictures from that I have a letter from Elvis to Nixon that he wrote on American Airlines on the way to the White House and it is the craziest loser you ever seen it among other things he wants to be an F. B. I. Agent who got his way into the White House yes without an appointment he got into see Nixon something that he was carrying right Glunz right right right and they took guns away from him they thought he had one gun when he went into the Oval Office and he wanted to be an FBI agent because he knew the drugs culture he knew he knew them or something and and also communists he was very aware of their existence and wanted to help take them in the Oval Office brought the gun as a gift it was a gift for next Nixon to shoot them I remember once you I can't remember what this is about but I always if you're in the New Yorker read you and I think I called you up at this time this is a while back and you wrote a great piece about something then I apologized but it was long and I I remember calling up to tell you how great it was but also like yeah could you right them along you remember that you never let me forget it you're always that's how you identify me she's the one that long but they were so good you wrote the book on the Nixon impeachment I would say for anyone who wants to know all about and wants to know in riveting way about the Nixon impeachment Washington Journal Reporting Watergate Richard Nixon's downfall right it was tackler that downfall I mean and and he he deserve this today I the reason I asked you beyond one you're brilliant always been a brilliant writer to were friends but mainly because your brain ought also because you have your own the definitive work on the Nixon impeachment. But you're reporting on Clinton now you're writing on on trump right so I feel like if we're GonNa talk about this impeachment and it served moved into a different year you're the person to talk to what's impeachment for the the founders put it into the constitution because they didn't want king the fought the revolution and they want a way of holding a president to account between elections that you don't want four years or three years a lot of people think trump should go now because every day he's there he's dangerous there's something he might do so it was a way of holding the president to account they picked it right up out of English law it'd been written to hold to account the stuarts rich goes way back and they're and they're sisters and they felt that you had to be able to hold a president to account between lashes that's what it's for and gave the House the power of impeaching or conducting the indictment and conviction in the Senate and it's a very serious provisions of the Constitution and what the White House is doing is flouting the constitution that's that's very serious impeachable offense need not be a crime right and a crime need not be an impeachable exactly trump had no government experience the thing about it Nixon had been in the house in the Senate he been Vice President for eight years so he understood government he was interested in some of it not interested in other parts of it he also understood the law now he broke it but he was he was no fool he knew he knew what he was doing in a sense like when he broke the law he was aware that he's breaking okay and when they obstructed this section to a point he obeyed the Supreme Court decision he obeyed you know he being the obeyed subpoenas it was not like this all out black hey we will not even let you do your process which is which is huge I mean people are sort of gossiping about it's I think it's a constitutional crisis simply because they're just stonewalling to the nth degree Ah yes opposed to even Nixon his own people go up and testify his whole White House staff testified before Sam Ervin and they they didn't keep anybody for testifying were they still staff when Lewis right so Haldeman Ehrlichman testified yes and they were still st John Dean was a staffer thinking was at that point couldn't have been I remember when Nixon let go of all the Manera oh he cried he cried you know he he he was always calling US staff to see how he had done how they thought he had done and he made the speech thing this breaks my heart label that I have to let them go and he call after it says how did I do okay wasn't a people person he wasn't the people and yet he was not yeah I just writing about how did I do the speech where I talk about firing you exactly because he's such a liability they can't possibly keep you around how did I do to stay in myself you see yeah and that it didn't happen because he had violated law on the drive to stop them from hearing the tapes and now you've said to me that the tape wasn't it right the by the time this tape was discovered towards those little pieces little excerpts of tapes that they had tried to hold back because it showed him ordering a cover up of having the CIA call the FBI and say you're jeopardizing national security always say that they're trying to keep some sure from from doing something and that was the last Straw for a lot of senators I think mainly the House Judiciary committee which was very well run unlike the current one had already voted three articles of impeachment and it was known that they were GonNa go through the house so he was already in very deep trouble and what that little piece of tape did people were you know they they talk about looking for the king gun and I called it looking for the smoking gun into room full of smoke I mean obviously something quite wrong had happened but we are now A- although I think we found a smoking gun smoke in front of the White House I've never had anything like this he said what he did you talk about China John and Ukraine he talked about Ukraine and he said yes I thought that they should help us we were helping them they should help us yes so what he wants do is make the smoking gun to his supporters not smoking what's wrong with that why and I asked him to help me out you know in fact he was sem help amount to bloody and prominent political apart that's that's that's problematic it's actually illegal ask Zilenski to walk on Fifth Avenue so he could shoot him that's right that would have been better he was the retirement the president of Ukraine and he's he's a he's a comedian of all things yes and producer but I thought I think that's not a good idea of what about public life that Watergate sure and one of them is about cover up the original cover up yes we're talking about the cover up the break in or are we talking about the Aranda of cover up of all the other stuff us doing well that's the way he had these goons called the plumbers right and what save the country they were they were total Claude's I mean they messed up everything I love the word goons by the way it's one of my favorite words underused definitely goons this should make happy and you can read about the goons when you read the book they messed up everything they did and actually the when they got into the Democratic National Committee headquarters here's the thing this was the first time they tried to get in people know that they went in once held stage to dinner in the Watergate Hotel so they'd be in the building and then they were going to go up to the DNC headquarters sometimes they ended up locked in a closet don't ask me how but they got locked y you eighty eight how did you get me into this that's right up to the headquarters and they didn't have the right thing to pick the lock so one of the Martinez these were Bay of Pigs veterans and Nixon told him that he'd brought them up to hun out communists you see because they've been against Castro they were trying to overthrow Castro in Yuba Martinez went down to Florida to get the right equipment to get in to the DNC headquarters they got in over the Memorial Day weekend they actually were in there before the time that they were caught what messed it up they put the tap on the wrong phone and they took pictures that were all blurred and it said one of the two ex CIA guys who running them he took the material to John Mitchell who was then running something called creep ready to reelect the president why do that why would you go I that's spells creep leave it maybe had a spell anyway Dan Mitchell is alleged to have said well that's junk I doubt that that's the word he used but you go back in and straighten this out and that's the time they went in and got caught but it was their force attempt now but what the cover was really about Nixon listen keep us Cain with his buddy beer bozo liked him because he didn't talk so they would sit there and silence on the friend's boat and do nothing anyway he came back three days later he was talking to Haldeman and and I noticed in the transcript Nixon said well about the plumbers plumbers it's that other stuff they were doing other stuff. I'm worried well this is this is really really important this is where Nixon the lawyer was smarter than most people he we had duke he was very good he could have gone to Harvard when he couldn't have parents couldn't afford the good gun harvard tossed Kennedy's like the Kennedys but they born with a silver spoon in I'm sorry was with.

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Nixon Clinton, Richard Nixon, White House discussed on The Al Franken Podcast

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