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Three, four, five because he would forget a line or name or something. Never did never. I'll nice. Never. Never got frustrated with him. There was a great love there. And he was. He was one of those guys that I wouldn't say act better. Because he was always as good as he was going to be. I see, no, he really came as prepared as he could. And if gave him too much direction or tried something too much, I, it would unnerve him a little bit. He was a natural funny guy and a very charming and a real ladies man. Oh, he could charm the pants off. Anybody as sons said repeatedly in in in the obits. He. Oh, that's my telephone. That's okay. It's usually Gilbert's going on. Yeah. I'll just shut it off here. He his son said he was the happiest guy. He knew I saw that it was sweet. Yeah, any looked for ways to be happy. That's what he said. He looked for ways to be happy every day I and when something unhappy presented it self. He just sort of turn aside. That's a nice qualities. It's a remarkable quo-, quote quality, really? Yeah. And I heard Bob Newhart use to write his style log around the set. You have it on like furniture, very rarely known as a funny. No, it's visual thing that that he tells of himself, but every once in a while he they would write these long phone calls. Because by was known as a Manala gist who talked on the phone and. There were some times three pages long, and he would often if he was home right him in his office, it was easy because he, he, he, he would have a desk and some yellow Pez there. But at home he just said the couch, so we'd put him on cars and pace it him to the back of the couch. So he could be on the phone standing onset facing this big long wall of text, and it was very good. I mean, actors get good at reading cue cards. We had taped up this stuff with masking tape or something. And in the middle of this conversation, the tape started to unpeeled. From a corner. So if you can visualize lies this, the corner came came down and slowly started to disappear from his view. He he served to bend over Rita. I'm watching the hell is he doing? And finally just gave up and left. They said, cut cut cut, and then he ripped the cue cards off and show the. And he said, this is what happened. You guys met on on on onset of catch twenty two catch time. Yeah. Yeah. And I threw myself at his feet because as a as a kid Milwaukee, you know, I would. I probably did some of his material. In the nightclubs in Milwaukee. When I was a drummer and I remember I was selling records at a at a record store in Milwaukee when his record hit. It was so popular that we just didn't get the box of records in on Monday and put it on the shelf. We just took the box records and put it on the counter and people would come in and buy a button down mind. Yeah, that's how popular that record was for for spoken word records in in those days..

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