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Taco fall what amazing story he is. So p enjoyed that one. We're going back to back coming up later on this hour, the manager of the San Diego Padres, Andy green. But as promised we're joined right now by an all star a second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, one of only three players with at least fifty home runs and one hundred and eighty nine RBI in his first two seasons with the reds. I player in franchise history. To reach those numbers in his first two seasons. Wall so hitting at least three hundred only player in major league history to produce five hits four home runs and ten RBI in the same game joins Lou Gehrig as the only players in major league history with four. Four grand slams and a four Homer game in the same season and the reds opened up their year against Pittsburgh on March twenty eighth schooner Jeanette is my guests scooter is so good to have you back. How are you? What a minute action that is. Your resume is unbelievable. I gotta say so scooter where about ten days out from the season opener. How is camp gone for you? So far are you ready to start playing meaningful games right now? Or maybe as there's still a little work to be done. I'm ready. I'm ready. I think the more just every spring training. Right. Get ready faster this year. After about my fifteenth at that point that bad. I was ready. I can't wait to get the season started as you're working. Now. The team itself has made a lot of moves in the off season, including the arrival of a new manager and David bell gossip Matt camp, Yasuo peak, Alex woods Sonny gray the list goes on. How would you describe the vibe in the mood in camp this year? It's great. It's great. I think the biggest thing is that you're the front office is they expect us to wear. What we have players. We always expect to win. You know, we think we can win on any given day with whatever we have. But now that the front office is. Expecting us to win it. It just seems more real, you know, to wear both sides are, you know, have the same thought. So with that that's different from the past couple of years, which is good. But all all the new players coaches. Everybody's everybody's energies good good. I think that we're gonna we're gonna really surprised for people and with our lineup and sunny, gray and Rorick. And would you know being are pretty much our top three guys if they do what they're supposed to man. I mean, we're going be. We're gonna be scary. I don't think people are gonna wanna see us coming into the town read second basement scooter genetic joining us, and then you've got Yasuko Puig scooter who we had here in Los Angeles for a number of years. He really is a fascinating guy. What's it been like having him around? What's he bring to your clubhouse? We talk all day about that. I would I would say he's he's a lot of fun. He enjoys himself out the field where that's healthy. That's he's got to enjoy himself to being at the top of his game. So do some stuff out there that you've ever seen before the jobs kind of like? Wow. Like what what what just happened right there? But then, you know, pick up the ball throw a guy out three hundred feet away or come up and the hit a grand slam. And it's just like, well, you know, it is that's him. You know, it's kind of like the Manny being Manny, you know, that in that time, it's very similar. But he's he's a good guy. He's he's smart just getting to know him. He cares about. He cares about the team. He cares about his preparation. So I mean, all in all he's he's been great. But you know, we gotta see when we go through some ups and downs as a team. How guys responded, you know? That's when you really can tell help people are, I think, that's right. I think that's fair scoot Jeanette joining us now you wrote a camp last year in an RV take me back. How was that trip? And then how did you make the journey this year? Oh, it was on last year Cruz. What's never somebody's? Who let us love one for for the trip over. Unfortunately, I did the drive at all. My wife and our dog we owe or relaxing pretty much the whole the whole trip while I drove, but you know, that's kind of my together. The husband, you know, just the same. That were expected to do. But this year, we actually we met a a bus driver at the homestead race in NASCAR racing in the homestead this year. And it was Elliott Sadler's. Bus driver for for a long time and retired this past year. So the boss is the bus driver were doing much. I told him, you know, maybe in federal aerial hits you up and see what your plans are insured enough. He was he was ready to go and his name was well, he's a. Get old country. Dude. Lot of one liners. Just a great guy. It was it was a lot of fun. I didn't have to drive it all as the ad. Satellite TV and internet. So I mean, it was it was a lot better than doing all the driving on my own. That's for sure better. It sounds like the best Rhody ever. I'm glad you mentioned NASCAR school because as long as we're talking about NASCAR and wheels. You're a huge Dale Earnhardt guy. What was it about the intimidator? Did you like so much respect it so much, man? You know, I saw a lot even the younger. I was I wanna say. Twelve when he passed something like that. But I started following him. Probably went out. I would say I just started getting old enough to. See some similarities actually between myself at a sense of how he ready said how how I played the game. And kind of how my dad groom to play the game, which is hard. Balls hit my only thought to catch. It may make the play. It's not. Okay. Where's wall where okay where you know? It's the play. And I think that's how he raised race the win every time and another thing too. Oh, really? Kinda got me on the whole Dale bandwagon. There is is how intimidating everyone was scared of it all at the track. But as soon as the racist over you could just tell it was like this, you know, the real deal Dale that's going back home, everyone that that. I that. I I've spoken to now credit confirmed that he was just such a great guy off the track but wants those shades came on and you put those Nikes on it was it was the intimidator. I always always like that. I thought that was really interesting and call you know, that that he kind of had to you know, to different personas of it. Like myself. I had Scudder and Ryan. So that was another. Similarity there too. But yeah. Scooter genetic joining us and juniors just get as well juniors. An unbelievable guy off the track track. Of course, we're really unbelievable gap track point, you're making right now scooter, for instance, back in February you were to middle school in Sarasota, Florida, and you were talking to students their body motions. And times were maybe you felt alone or down it's part of a larger project that you're involved with. But if we start with that middle school conversation, there are a lot of things that you might be doing in your free time. Why was that something that you wanted to do? Well, I think you know, really, I like to call it, you know, mental health. He does the mental health thing. People are kind of like, well, you know, I think it's more. It's mental health. It's it's how do we help each other? And I think the biggest thing is just sharing, you know, connecting with somebody in just communicating with that I'm like really what's going on. Whether it's something good or something. So good. I just think nowadays with all the social media and all the other stuff. It's like people put this mask on that. Oh, sorry. You know, it's not cool to talk about certain things like religion, and politics, and you know, money, and you know, these are things that were kinda in our culture and exercising wire. Dots talk about and and I don't understand why. Because how are we supposed to learn from each other? If we're not talking about those things that are pretty important stuff. You know, we talk about sports wear favorite teams. You know, people are like, oh, they suck. And like, no, you're team sucks. But that's that's fine. And it's like why why can't we talk about you know, all that all the other stuff like that? And I think if they really they really hits every area, you know, emotions. Maybe what the home life like. And I just I the kids. You know, if they feel like they can't talk to anybody like, that's that's one of the most support types probably to find somebody to talk to use the resources, the guidance counselor. Sure. When it comes to the boring stuff. Hey. I tell them. See some bowling going on? If you don't do anything about it. You know, really, ultimately there's no difference between you and the bully other than you're not maybe throwing a punch or something. But also on the flip side of that too. To feel bad for that bully try to help that bully, you know, because all obviously if they're bullying people, they're probably going home to rough situation. So I kinda just try to teach them those kind of things and really the biggest thing jammers. But none though that everyone's dealing with something, you know, even eating as a as a professional athlete. I have issues that I have to deal with on the field. I think everyone does in. It's weird because like everyone happens conversations with teachers ally. Call thank you so much, and you know, in like, we understood what you exactly what you were saying. And it's like, well, why are we saying why are we talking about it more as a as a society? And and really I mean. If I can help a couple of kids, you know, it's worth it for me. But ultimately, all I'm trying to do now is just talking to people that are I can communicate with that's my teammates, my family, my friends and just encourage them, you know, even as my buddy makes t shirts, and even you know for him he can impact a lot of people in all different ways. So just just really encouraging people to step out of the normal and do something to help somebody read second baseman scooter Jeanette joining us, I'm that's amazing to say right there in terms of the t shirts, it's part of a larger project, actually..

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