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Holiday. She apparently her name. Is sarah josefa. Hail josefa era. She convinced abraham lincoln after seventeen years of the toasting. Sarah thank you sarah problem. Yeah yeah anyway. Off lincoln road the pop proclamation in eighteen sixty three earning her the name. The mother of thanksgiving americans prepare forty six million turkeys for thanksgiving each year this year. Yeah eating alone. It would be as much right. Everybody has to make their own turkey. Yeah more interesting. Maybe that's just crazy. Like what is that. The population of america close to four hundred million three hundred million. Yeah so it's like a quarter of no forty six million turkeys forty six turkey for every four people that sounds about right one for every ten forty six hundred forty six million. There's like three hundred four million right. Yeah i'm not good at math. I don't know i'm gonna try what's a country. That's forty million people an eating that that country in turkey's california four million okay. Yeah it's like eating california in california. Where every person and governor turkey and they they get eaten every year turkey's remarks you think. Funny msa the turkeys pardoned by the president going to live fulfilling lives.

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